Indiana Tourism

Have you ever read the novel Ben Hur?

If the answer to the question above is yes, then you could not have helped being enamored by the artistry and detail with which, its author, General Lew Wallace, captures the audiences’ imagination.

Indiana, the home of General Lew Wallace, has much to offer in terms of tourism. From the vast nature trails, to exquisite museums, Indiana is a must-see for one and all.

While visiting Boone, Montgomery and Putnam Counties, one would be taken aback by the scenic beauty and majestic grandiose of the various tourist spots. Not only would this prove pleasant for the eyes, but you will walk away with some knowledge. Take the Lew Wallace Study and Museum in Montgomery County; anyone would be surprised to know that General Lew Wallace built a moat around his estate so that he could fish close to home.

Therefore, if you are a fan of history, or if you enjoy local renditions of famous plays and musicals, or if you like to go on biking or walking trails, I would suggest that you pack your bags and head on down. The best way to experience Indiana is to come to Indiana.