Sugar Creek Association Welcomes Melissa Butler

The Sugar Creek Association of Wabash Men welcomed Professor Melissa Butler to their luncheon program today, their final program of the school year.  Professor Butler recounted her travels last year as a faculty member aboard the ship SS Universal Explorer, taking part in a program called Semester at Sea.

The trip is essentially a semester aboard ship with a full faculty and college classes taught throughout the duration of the trip.  Field trips are also a part of the program.  Students have the opportunity to select field trips, which occur at the different ports of call, depending on their particular area of interest. 

Melissa pointed out that the highlight of the trip was a chance for all the students and faculty to attend a speech by Cuban president Fidel Castro.  Attendees were handed a bag of food as they entered the hall - the talk lasted four hours! 

Melissa stated there were two main lessons she took away from the trip.  First, she said, was the sheer size, beauty and power of our world.  She complemented her presentation with several great photos.  Second, she said, was the smallness of the world in terms of human communication and the awareness of all things American.   

Many thanks to Melissa Butler for her very interesting presentation.


For more information on Semester at Sea, see their web site at: