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Monon Rivalry Underway: Wabash Bleeds for Bell

The week of festivities and fund raising leading up to the 110th Monon Bell Classic is well underway. Chalk up one victory for the Little Giants!

For the sixth consecutive year, Wabash students won the "Bleed for the Bell" competition, an annual blood drive that benefits the Central Indiana Regional Blood Center.

The two schools challenge each other to see which one can give the most pints of blood and the highest overall percentage of donors.

Though DePauw has roughly three times as many students as Wabash, this year Wabash won both competitions. Wabash boasted 113 donors to DePauw's 103. A total of 11 percent of Wabash's student body donated blood compared to just 4.4 percent for DePauw.

"It was a two-day blood drive at DePauw and a one-day drive at Wabash," said organizer Larry Frye. "Now we look forward to a victory on the football field on Saturday."

Wabash and DePauw meet annually on the football field in the battle for the Monon Bell, which dates back to 1890. The overall series is tied at 50 wins for each school with nine ties. Kickoff for the 110th game is set for 1:07 p.m. on Saturday.