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Co-Motion Provides Service and Competition

The atmosphere on campus during the days leading up to the Monon Bell game is electrified with the spirit of competition. The classic DePauw and Wabash rivalry draws everyone’s attention to the big game on Saturday. However, this rivalry also manifests itself in another competition, which gives students the chance to show off their school spirit while giving back to the community of Crawfordsville. For the last three years, Co-Motion has been a race to raise money for local crisis shelters between the student bodies of Wabash and DePauw.

During Co-Motion, Wabash works to raise money for the Family Crisis Shelter of Crawfordsville, while DePauw contributes to the Julian Center in Indianapolis. These organizations provide counseling and support services to victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Both of these centers rely on community donations and grants in order to continue operating, making Co-Motion a great opportunity for the student body of both schools to make significant contributions to the local community. Volunteer work performed by students also helps to drive down operating costs of each organization.

A large portion of the funds generated for Co-Motion comes from contributions from Wabash fraternities. Each house has the option of either making a flat donation, or pledging an amount of money for each point scored by the football team during the Monon Bell game.

Another source of fundraising involves the 50-50 raffle. During the week leading up to the game, Rhynies sell tickets for the raffle, which cost $1 for one ticket, or $10 for 15. The drawing itself is held during the football game.

According to Rick Cantu, the student employee of the Community Service Committee and project organizer, the biggest moneymaker of the week involves donations taken during the Monon Bell chapel on Thursday.

“Although people may only contribute small amounts, collectively it adds up,” Cantu said. Finally, a group of Wabash and DePauw alumni annually put on a silent auction. Items for this year feature Jake Knott and Ryan Short jerseys.

Co-Motion doesn’t stop at gathering funds for the crisis shelters. Every year, Wabash does a service project with the Crisis Center. Last Sunday, Wabash and DePauw students picked up a group of kids staying at the center and took them to the Crawfordsville Public Library, where the college students read to the children one on one. In past years, the group participated in general clean ups at the shelter.

The Community Service Committee is in charge of running Co-Motion, and receives aid from Alpha Phi Omega and the Sphinx Club in handling the details. “Community service helps students think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely. It also helps reinforce the gentleman’s rule as students act as gentlemen and responsible citizens. It’s a great job because you feel so gratified when you’re done at the end of the day," said Cantu.

"Knowing that you got some guys to cut a lawn, or walk dogs, or help kids in the community is a great feeling."