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Wabash Ranked No. 1 for Three Degree Programs

Wabash College earned the top spot for three degree programs—Classics, German, and History—in the 2021 College Factual rankings, and three more programs are in the top 1% among U.S. colleges and universities.

Detchon Hall, home to the Modern Languages and Classics departmentsWabash received a No. 1 ranking in “Best Value Colleges for History,” “Most Focused on Classical Languages and Literature,” and “Most Focused on Germanic Languages.”

“We are lucky to have hard-working students who are excited to learn the German language,” Associate Professor of Spanish and Department Chair for Modern Languages and Literatures Jane Hardy said. “Every year, our German professors travel to Germany with students, which provides an invaluable opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the German culture and put their German skills to use. Although the pandemic has prevented our usual opportunities for international travel this year, our German program continues to thrive thanks to our talented and dedicated faculty.”  

“The study of Greek and Roman antiquity (Classics) is, in essence, about making connections, and, now more than ever, we crave connection,” Associate Professor of Classics and Department Chair Bronwen Wickkiser said. “I think what sets Wabash Classics apart is that we view the ancient past as a dynamic laboratory—a rich space to explore, challenge, and discover—knowing that, one day, this may lead to creation and innovation.”

The College was also ranked in the top 1% for “Most Focused on English Language and Literature,” “Most Focused on Mathematics and Statistics,” and “Most Focused on Foreign Languages and Linguistics.”

Students have a conversation on the MallIn addition, College Factual considers Wabash to be an excellent value, ranking in the top-five percent of all schools nationally, citing Wabash as a “Best College for the Money” institution.

“As a freshman at Wabash College, I recall being told, ‘It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it,’” Dean of Professional Development Steven Jones ’87 said. “More than 35 years later, those words are still accurate. 

“The village of faculty, staff, alumni and students continue to ensure there is a return on investment for Wabash Men. The long hours, lab experiments, gallons of coffee to stay awake, and feelings of exhaustion are just a part of the journey. Our ability to assist young men in distinguishing their resume from the competition provides significant outcomes. The meaningful internships and immersive learning opportunities are critical examples of our roadmap for students.” 

Wabash College received 32 rankings in the top 15% nationally, up from 26 in the 2020 rankings, including “Most Popular for Religious Studies,” “Highest Paid Graduates for Psychology,” and “Overall Best College.”