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New Book Celebrates Wabash Sports

Wabash is excited to announce the release of a new book, Glory Reborn: A History of Wabash College and its Athletics, 1977-1982, which is on sale in the Wabash Bookstore.

The book, written by alumnus John Kerezy ’77, chronicles Wabash’s unexpected run to the 1977 Stagg Bowl (Division III National Championship Game) in football and the excellence that all of the College’s sports teams enjoyed in what is long known as the “golden age of Wabash athletics.”

Kerezy’s book features interviews with more than 50 players, coaches, and fans, including football coaches Frank Navarro, Stan Parrish, and Greg Carlson. The book focuses chapters on the 1982 National Championship basketball team and the 1982 football team, which went undefeated (10-0) in the College’s sesquicentennial year behind All-American quarterback David Broecker. Kerezy wrote chapters on every Wabash sports team of the era — and the managers, trainers, writers, and broadcasters behind the scenes.

“A person who knows nothing about Wabash is astonished at its indomitable school spirit in athletics,” Kerezy said. “Not long after the NCAA established Division III, Wabash came just three points shy of winning a national football championship in 1977 and then won the national basketball championship five years later in 1982. There are tremendous stories from this remarkable era. Looking back, Wabash has enjoyed four decades of excellence in many sports, especially in football, all stemming from the ’77 to ’82 era. The students and student-athletes from that period needed to have their stories preserved and told.”

Kerezy also added a final chapter that summarizes Wabash’s many successes since 1982. Included are the 1995 cross country team that had a perfect score at the NCAA Regional and placed third nationally, Josh Estelle breaking Metzelaars’ seemingly invincible all-time scoring record in basketball, Mason Zurek’s 2,000 yards rushing during the 12-1, 2015 football season, the wrestling team’s astonishing third and fourth place finishes at nationals in 2015 and 2016 (and Riley Lefever’s three straight national titles), and Jake Waterman’s drive to become a two-time national champion in track — among other highlights.

“John Kerezy has assembled an amazing chronicle of Wabash wins and losses during the College’s ‘glory years’ from 1977 to 1982,” said Thaddeus Seymour, who served as President of the College during parts of the period. “I have been honored to share in this invaluable contribution to the great chronicle of Wabash history. It left me breathless and, most of all, proud beyond words.”

Kerezy and his book are the subject of a podcast interview conducted by Richard Paige. Kerezy talks about why he wrote the book and the fascinating stories he learned during the 15 months he spent gathering historical records and meeting the players, coaches, and fans. Listen to the podcast here:

Glory Reborn: A History of Wabash College and Its Athletics, 1977-1982, was written by John Kerezy and edited by James Amidon (Copyright 2017 John Kerezy and Wabash College; ISBN: 978-0-692-82375-0). It is available in the Wabash College Bookstore or online by clicking here.