Twigg '08-Marriage Is Awesome. Pope Agrees

by Steve Charles

June 27, 2013


“I have a story for you.”

That was the heading in an email I received from Homer Twigg ’08 a couple weeks ago. It was accompanied by some attachments and two additional notes:

“Well, some neat pictures anyway. Marriage. Is. Awesome.”

Curiosity piqued, I opened the first attachment to see Homer, one of my favorite student writers when he was at Wabash, and his lovely bride, Jocelyn Dabu, being greeted by Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square. In the next, the Pope is practically embracing them.

Now Homer has always been adventurous, with the habit of turning up in unexpected places. While a student, Homer and two others (sponsored and coached by Wabash bookstore manager, lover of Sugar Creek and pirates finger puppets Mike Bachner ’70) navigated the length of the Wabash River and chronicled the trip.

After graduation, Homer journeyed to Italy to work in the Monastery of San Benedetto bookstore (a position previously held by Bryan Gonzalez ’05).

But married, at Vatican City, and being blessed by Pope Francis?

I had to laugh for joy as I opened each picture: Jocelyn is lovely, Homer is happier than I’ve ever seen him. And the story behind it all is just as good.

Homer has promised to write about it for an upcoming issue of Wabash Magazine, but for now, here are some of his notes to go along with, as he said, “Some neat photos.”

Thanks, Homer and Jocelyn. And, we’ll echo what the people said in the streets of Rome that day you were blessed, “Auguri e figli maschi,” which I believe translates as, “Best wishes, and may you have many sons!”



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