Minneapolis 2012

by Ross Dillard '07

September 17, 2012

On a beautiful 84 degree day in Minneapolis, the men of Wabash performed their day of service at the Metro Work Center (MWC).  The MWC is a day training and habilitation center for adults with various developmental and traumatic brain injury disabilities.  The Center provides adults, from late teens to an individual in their 80s, opportunities to practice skills, take field trips and earn a wage at work projects such as clean-up, set up of dining rooms, and processing mailings.  These consumers of the MWC programs are partial to bright colors and there is where the men of Wabash came in on the morning of September 15, 2012.

Six Wabash alumni, plus a guest, gathered at the Center, housed in the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in South Minneapolis, becoming a painting crew to freshen up the walls of the Work Room.  Using the theme that ‘bright is better’, the Work Room walls took on a coat of Tapestry Teal.  Unfortunately, the storage rooms were locked, so with one ladder and several tables to stand on, the men were able to reach up to the top of the walls to complete the job.   

Charlie Crowley commented that the staff will certainly appreciate the new atmosphere of the room and that the consumers will enjoy the color while they are performing their in-house work projects.  Quite a successful day.

Willing Wabash Workers included:  Charlie Crowley ‘70, Ross Dillard ‘07, Kyle Falconberry ‘96, Justin Killian ‘03, Richard Most ‘86, Ryan Pritchard ‘07, and guest Chelsea.

At right is Ryan sharing his Wabash construction helmet with one of the boys as part of his recruiting efforts. Chip Timmons told us it's never too early to make a first contact.


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