Artist Statement

by Ben Muensterman '12

April 16, 2012

Growing up in a small town, I have always been interested in the way that communities develop and expand over time.  My visual style has been passed down to me by the culture in which I have grown up, and it also allows me the opportunity to contribute something new to this same culture to which I belong. 

I create my work through a process of automatism.  In my initial stages of work, I do not know what the final product will be, but focus instead on what I am drawing in the moment.  I evaluate what I’ve drawn, choosing to compose the image from the most successful or “fittest” elements.  I make decisions intuitively and respond to and build upon the environments that emerge during the process. 

To help keep vitality, I draw with pen so that I cannot erase or undo what I make.  There are no mistakes, only opportunities to let the imagery develop and grow.  The way that my drawings develop reflects the way that I observe cultures and communities gradually evolving over time.


Wabash College • P.O. Box 352 • Crawfordsville, IN 47933 • 765.361.6100