Variety Always Highlights Celebration

by Howard Hewitt

January 19, 2012

Celebration Chance to See Student Work
Students Embrace Sharing Research
Celebration Learning Process for All
Celebration Shows Off Student Research


Wabash’s Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work celebrates the hard work, and unique curiosity of its students. Students have come together for 12 years on the last Friday in January to present an afternoon of poster talks and short lectures.

Celebration Friday is the only day of the year classes are canceled in the afternoon so all students can attend. Visitors might expect to see talks and presentations on the likes of Nietzsche and Schweitzer. But this year, like in many of the prior events, students will take an academic look at figures like the Coen Brothers and Godfather character Michael Coreleone.

The January 27 Celebration begins at 1 p.m. throughout Detchon Center. Throughout the afternoon students make oral presentations, posters talks, and exhibits.

Here is a complete rundown of the 2012 Celebration presentations.

“The Celebration demonstrates the emphasis we place on fostering student engagement and passion for research, scholarship, and creative work,” said Chemistry Professor Lon Porter, this year’s Celebration Chairman.  

“I enjoy seeing the community come together to support the presenters and learn more about the amazing work done on our campus. The diversity of posters and presentation topics showcases the liberal arts core of the College. All three academic divisions and nearly every department on campus are represented.”

Porter noted Wabash students make a name for the College presenting scholarship and creative work beyond the campus and across the nation. “While that is truly outstanding, it is important to make sure that we emphasize sharing this good work with the Wabash community as well,” he said.  “The Ides of August symposium aims at this for faculty work and the Celebration gives our students a venue as well.”

Visitors include students, faculty, staff, and members of the Wabash College Board of Trustees and Board of Directors of the National Association of Wabash Men. Porter said the Celebration is one afternoon’s example of Wabash at its best.

“Many of the Celebration projects highlight the value Wabash places on collaborative academic and creative efforts between faculty and students,” Porter said. “One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role as a teacher and scholar is working to discover new knowledge alongside the students. These experiences give us the opportunity to learn and create together and that is a very special part of the core of we do here at the College.”


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