Wabash Seniors Think of Family Moving Forward

by Howard Hewitt

May 13, 2011

Wabash’s Class of 2011 is no doubt thinking about the future, the friends they leave behind, and a sense of accomplishment. But the Wabash men are also focused on those who made their Wabash career possible – their family.

“I think about a lot of people at the College, and that’s not a PR spin,” Bloomington, In. native and senior Alex Moseman said. “I think about people at the college, especially this year, because of losing my Dad. I’ve had a lot of the faculty and staff become an extension of my family. So for me, I’m excited for my Mom and little brother to get to meet some of these people that I talk about all the time.”
David Seibel, from Greenfield, In., is excited to see his family Sunday because he doesn’t get to see them often. “My Mom and Dad and my cousins are going to be here, so I’m really excited to see people that I don’t get to see that often. There are some I haven’t seen since my high school graduation. “
Brian Van Duyn, Granger, In., is just the second person in his immediate family to graduate from college. “I have a lot of family coming in from all over to watch my graduation - great grandmas, and uncles I haven’t seen in a while, some aunts, and some aunts from Florida. I just think it’s going to be a really special moment in my life since I’m only second person, other than my uncle, to ever graduate from college.”
Tanner Coggins parents visit often to watch he and his brother Kenny’s athletic exploits. Tanner is feeling thankful. “They’ve put me through college,” the Tulsa, Ok., native said. “I didn’t have to pay a dime and that’s something special. Not a lot of people have zero debt coming out of college so that’s something I have to be thankful for and I also have to be thankful for Wabash because they paid half my way through. Hopefully, I can spend my time in the future in a way that pleases my parents in return.”
For Crawfordsville native Jacob Surface graduation is the culmination of many things making his family proud. “Something that my mom always hammered in my head was ‘break the cycle’ be the one who takes the next step and moves forward,” he said. “I think with a lot of guys this weekend that’s what they should be thinking about and I’m thinking about is moving forward.”
Surface said Wabash grads are provided an outstanding education and the skills need for success. The next step for the Class of 2011 is to use those skills with integrity to make their families proud.
 “For my family, this is huge. Every morning when I wake up I think I’m doing this for them and that’s kept me motivated through some really tough times,” Surface said. “Those tears rolling down my momma’s face on Sunday is all the pat on the back I’ll ever need.”


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