Rychlak '80 To Lecture on Holocaust, Christianity

by Howard Hewitt

March 14, 2011

Ron Rychlak '80 will present a noon, Tuesday talk on misunderstandings about the relationship of the Holocaust to Christianity. He is Professor of Law and Associate Dean at the University of Mississippi.

Rychlak will present "The Holocaust and the Catholic Church: The Case of Piux XII" at noon, Tuesday in Baxter 101. Pizza will be provided. He will speak again at 4:15 p.m. Tuesday in Center 216.

Rychlak is an accomplished author having written or co-authored seven books, including Hitler, the War and the Pope. He writes regularly for InsideCatholic.com. He also ia a panelist fo the Washinton Post's "On Religion" page.

Although the Nazis were a pagan movement based on a bastardized version of Darwinism then prevalent in Germany (racial struggle as the means of human development), some people continue to use the Holocaust as way of criticizing Christianity," wrote Professor of Religion Stephen Webb in announcing Rychlak's visit. "Indeed, those who are not experts in the field have been known to label the Gospels as anti-Semitic, even though the proper term is anti-Judaic, since most of the early Christians were Jewish and much of the Christian critique of Judaism reflected an internal struggle within Judaism about its future.

"Some people have even shamelessly used the Holocaust as a means of criticizing the Roman Catholic Church, arguing that Pope Pius XII was anti-Semitic and did nothing to help the Jews. Prof. Rychlak has written the definitive book on this topic. This book, just published, is now the authoritative treatment of the topic."



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