Chemistry Professor Novak Embraces Gentleman's Rule

October 29, 2010

Second-year Chemistry Professor Walter Novak may be new to Wabash College but has embraced the concepts of the Gentlemen’s Rule.

Novak delivered Thursday’s Chapel Talk by looking at the history of the College’s only rule governing the behavior of students.
“What it means to be a Gentleman means different things to different people,” he began with before exploring the historical changes in the wording of the rule.
He made the talk personal by sharing a story of how the Gentleman’s Rule influenced his job search.
“It’s something that works well enough here that I thought there was a difference between Wabash students and students at other institutions,” he explained. “Adherence to the Gentleman’s Rule makes life easier at Wabash. I don’t have devote my attention to discipline; I can put all of my energy into my lectures.”
You can watch all of Professor Novak’s Chapel Talk on the Wabash College YouTube channel.


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