Multicultural Festival Activities Continue Through Nov. 4

by John Dykstra '13

October 26, 2010

The Multicultural Festival continues on campus with several more events still scheduled. The Festival has been actively celebrated on campus since 2007, giving students and members of the Wabash community an opportunity to learn and experience various cultures.

“The Multicultural Festival is an opportunity for community members to come out and see the diversity on campus because we are composed of a diverse group of faculty and staff member and also student members as well,” said Jerry Bowie, coordinator of activities. “This is an opportunity to showcase that and have people come out and experience that.”
 The movie Crash will be screened at 8 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 2, in Center 216. The movie provides  insight on how racism affects families of different ethnic and religious backgrounds.
Brian Sims, former captain of the Bloomsburg University football team from Pennsylvania, will speak on campus at 7pm., Thursday, in Baxter 101, about his personal experiences. Sims finished Bloomsburg University’s greatest season  (2000) and public announced his sexuality. In doing so, he became the first openly gay college football captain in NCAA history. He became a policy attorney in Philadelphia.
Other notable events include: Unidos Por Sangre’s (UPS) cook out after Professor Bill Cook’s chapel talk Nov. 4 on the Mall and the viewing of the movie Papers (TBA). Papers, a movie about undocumented young people, demonstrates the challenges immigrants who are raised and educated in the United States face after turning 18 and having no legal status. Without “papers” they are unable to experience freedoms that America citizens have including working and attending college.
More events will be announced through the Wabash Calendar Bowie said.
“This event is different every year,” Bowie said. “I can’t really peg it. I’m excited to see what happens and we incorporate a lot into it, so everyone does their own thing. Every year we get an opportunity to do it, it becomes more visible on campus and we get more people to participate.”


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