Class Agents Honored At Halftime

by Fred Trebleone

September 13, 2010

Four Wabash Class Agents were honored at halftime of the Wabash Wooster football game on September 11, 2010 by President Pat White.  Every year on opening football weekend, the college presents the awards to the class agents whose performance in connecting his classmates with each other and with the college has truly been exemplary.

  Major General Earl Johnson, Class of 1938, is this year’s recipient of the Warren Wright Shearer Award for class agents.  Accepting for General Johnson’s family is his niece, Judy Wynne.  The Shearer award, considered the class agent Hall of Fame award, is presented annually to a class agent in recognition for sustained outstanding performance to his class and the college.  For many years, General Johnson carried the message of Wabash to his fellow class members and their families.  The general, who wrote history during WWII, put the same effort into keeping his classmates up to date on the latest Wabash happenings. Even today, the Class of 1938, 72 years after graduation, is still connected.  A true measure of the General’s reach is found in the number of widows from the class who hold Wabash dear and who actively support the college.  For the year ending this past June, 84% of those listed on the class Honor Roll were widows.  In addition, he always found time to return to campus and visit with the men of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta.  His loyalty to the house was demonstrated many times by his donation of a dog to serve as the fraternity mascot.  Of course, there was only one name for the dogs, “General”. The general passed away this past January at the age of 93, but his contributions remain vivid and widespread.  General Earl Johnson, Some Little Giant.

Rick Fobes, class of 1972, is this year’s winner of the Myron Phillips Outstanding class agent award.  Considered the MVP award among class agents, it is awarded annually to the Class Agent who performs most significantly in his roles of communicating with his class, encouraging class financial contributions, recruiting new students, and exhibiting Little Giant spirit.   Rick Fobes has been all of that…and much more.  Rick has served his class for 28 years as a class agent.  He steadfastly writes his classmates every quarter, providing news on the college from his perspective and updates on the members of his class.  Rick’s classmates are connected and their support models that connection: 40% of Rick’s classmates financially support the college.  By comparison, that makes the Class of 1972 the top class in the decade of the 1970s.  Rick also served for many years on the alumni board, culminating with a very successful run as the president. As if that isn’t enough, Rick is also active with the Chicago area alumni group and helps with Career Services in the greater Chicago area.  Rick Fobes is truly Some Little Giant.


3.     Josh Owens and Ross Dillard, Class of 2007, are this year’s winners of the R. Robert Mitchum award for outstanding young class agents.  Josh and Ross set the standard for class agent engagement - providing their classmates with the latest on members of the class.  Their last letter included updates on over 40 class members.  The Alumni office liked it so much they sent that letter to all class agents and a great example of creating connections.  Josh and Ross have engaged their class members in the life of the college and their donor rate, for the Class of 2007 mind you, exceeds every class back to 1982! Josh and Ross, despite their budding careers, stay well engaged with the college helping with their regional groups, Admissions, and with career services.  They may be young, but their good!  Josh Ownes, Ross Dillard…Some Little Giants!

Photos (courtesy of Jim Amidon '87):
Top:  Judy Wynne accepts the Shearer Award on behalf of her late uncle, Major General Earl Johnson '38
Middle: Rik Fobes '72 receives the Myron Phillips Award
Bottom:  Josh Owens '07 and Ross Dillard '07 repeat as the Mitchum Award winners


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