Students Honored During Awards Chapel

by Karen Handley

May 4, 2010

Day Earns College's Top Teaching Award
Day Earns College's Top Teaching Award

Wabash College students, faculty, and staff gathered Thursday, April 29 for the annual Awards Chapel presentations.
Cash awards, plaques and other honors are bestowed upon Wabash men who have shown academic achievement, scholarly research, and excelled in other campus activities.
Awards were presented in all of the academic departments and some extra-curricular activities. Some of the top awards are presented by Dean of the College Gary Phillips.
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The Dean's Awards and their recipients are:

•  George Lewes Mackintosh Fellows: Aaron W. Bonar, Mitchell D. Brown, Jacob N. Grow, Andrew J. Hoffman, Jonathan D. O’Donnell, and Rabin Paudel
George Lewes Mackintosh Memorial Fund, established by the late James Putnam Goodrich in memory of the sixth president of the College, provides scholarships to six graduating seniors each year, without regard to need, who will be going on to graduate or professional schools. The recipients of the scholarships are designated as Mackintosh Fellows. Selection is made by a committee of the College upon departmental recommendations.
• Phi Beta Kappa Prize: Mitchell D. Brown and Jonathan D. O’Donnell
The Phi Beta Kappa Prize was established to encourage original work of high creative and scholarly merit, as distinct from proficiency in normal course work. It is a cash prize given by the Wabash chapter of Phi Beta Kappa to that undergraduate who is judged to have produced the most original and meritorious piece of work, whether artistic and analytical.
• Community Service Award for Outstanding Work: Garett W. Bonk, Jacob L. Ezell, and Dustin B. Tarter
The Community Service Award is given to the student who has embodied the spirit of selfless community service to Wabash College, Crawfordsville, and Montgomery County.
• Indianapolis Alumni Student Athlete Award: Stephen A. Tokar II
The Indianapolis Alumni Student-Athlete Award is given to a senior who has made a significant contribution to athletes at Wabash and who has achieved a respectable grade point average.
• Pete Vaughan Outstanding Athlete Award: Emmanuel K. Aouad and Matthew T. Hudson
The Pete Vaughan Award commemorates the 30 years of distinguished service Robert E. "Pete" Vaughan, a 1924 Wabash graduate, dedicated to Wabash as coach and athletic director.
• Malcolm X Institute Merit Award: Tyler D. Griffin, Matthew C. Kraft, and Brandon D. McKinney
The Malcolm X Institute Merit Award is given annually to those seniors who, in the judgment of the director, have made significant contributions to the Malcolm X Institute during their tenure at Wabash College.
• Paul T. Hurt Award for All-Around Freshman Achievement: Keaton E. Becher
The Hurt Award is made by the dean of students from nominations submitted by all living units on campus to a deserving freshman student in recognition of all-around achievement in his first year at Wabash.
• Angus-Scientech Educational Award: Diamond B. Reese
The Angus Scientech Award made by the DJ Angus-Scientech Education Foundation goes to a student in recognition of excellence in science, mathematics, or social sciences who has shown exceptional improvement in academic performance over the last year.
• Fred N. Daugherty Award: Nathan J. Line
The Daugherty Award is given to a student from Montgomery County who has shown significant intellectual and social growth and achievement as a result of the Wabash experience.
• Dean Stephens Award: James M. Nossett
The Dean Stephens Award is given to a member of the junior class who best reflects the broad intellectual and personal interests, the high moral courage, and the humane concerns of Dean Stephens, a member of the Wabash coaching staff who was killed in an airplane crash in 1958.
• Stephens-Hall Senior Scholarship: Joel M. Harker
The Stephens-Hall Senior Scholarship Award was established in memory of Waldo Stephens and Andrew David Hall, and is presented to a senior of demonstrated worth who plans to continue his education.
• Lewis Salter Memorial Award: Cody S. Stipes
The Salter award is given to a member of the junior class who best exemplifies the characteristics of scholarship, character, leadership, and service Dr. Lewis Salter embodied as a Wabash faculty member and as Wabash's twelfth president.
• Senior Award of Merit: Denver T. Wade
The Senior Award of Merit is awarded by the Student Senate in conjunction with the National Association of Wabash Men to the senior who, though out his years at Wabash College, has demonstrated outstanding achievement in scholarship, service, and extracurricular activities.
• Wedgeworth Lilly Library Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Awards: Mitchell D. Brown, Paul Jonathan Musielak, and Derrek J. D. Yager
• McLain-McTurnan-Arnold Excellence in Teaching Award: Joseph W. Day
• McLain-McTurnan-Arnold Research Scholar: Peter L. Hulen
Division I (The Sciences)
• Norman E. Treves Science Award: Brandon Hirsch
Established by Dr. Norman E. Treves, a 1915 Wabash graduate, the Treves award is given to a senior concentrating in Division I (biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics) who has shown the greatest progress academically and as an individual during his junior year.
• Ernest G. Carscallen Prize in Biology: Jacob N. Grow
The Ernest Carscallen Prize was created by Professor and Mrs. George C. Carscallen in memory of their son. The cash prize is awarded to an outstanding biology major in the senior class.
• Eliot Churchill Williams Undergraduate Prize in Biology: Justin D. Allen
The Williams Prize is in memory of Professor Williams who served the College and the Biology Department from 1948 to 1983. It is awarded to an undergraduate student who is majoring in biology.
• Edgar C. Britton Memorial Award in Chemistry: Xingcheng Liu
The Edgar C. Britton Memorial Award in Chemistry is a cash prize presented to a senior chemistry major selected by the faculty for his promise in graduate study. It was established in memory of Edgar C. Britton, who attended Wabash as a member of the Class of 1915.
• Howell Chemistry Award: Seth A. Bawel, Lucas B. Evans, and Zeyu Lu
The Howell Chemistry Award, established in 1948 by former students of Dr. L.B. Howell and his wife, the scholarship is awarded to an upper class chemistry major.
• Underwood Award in Chemistry: Austin K. Drake and Nathan J. Line
Established by J.E. Underwood, Jr. in memory of his father, a 1911 Wabash graduate, the Underwood Award is a cash prize that is presented to the junior chemistry major who, in the opinion of the department, is most deserving.
• George E. Carscallen Prize in Mathematics: Andrew J. Hoffman and Dezhi Xu
The George E. Carscallen Prize was named in memory of Professor Carscallen, who taught mathematics at Wabash nearly 40 years, the cash prize is awarded to an outstanding mathematics major in the senior class.
• J. Crawford Polley Mathematical Writing Prize; Derrek J. D. Yager
The J. Crawford Polley Prize in Mathematics is offered annually by the mathematics department for
meritorious work by a student in mathematical writing and problem solving. The prize honors J.
Crawford Polley H’33, who was professor of mathematics at Wabash from 1929-1966. Work considered for the prize includes short articles and interesting problems with elegant solutions.
• Harold Q Fuller Prize in Physics: Lucian W. Lupinski
The Fuller Prize in Physics was established in 1979 by Harold Q Fuller, a 1928 Wabash graduate, the award goes to the junior physics major who is judged by the physics department faculty to be most worthy.
• Physics Department Writing Prize: Lucian W. Lupinski
The Physics Department Writing Prize is an award established by the physics department to encourage and reward quality writing in physics. It will be given to the physics student who, in the judgment of the physics department, has written a paper on original experimental or theoretical work that demonstrates the highest standards of scientific writing. The prize will be a physics book selected by the department, and the student’s name will be added to a plaque displayed in Goodrich Hall.
•  Thomas A. Cole Biology Alumni Prize: Maurice T. Raycroft
The prize is in memory of Thomas A. Cole and his encouragement of research by Wabash graduates. The prize is awarded to a graduate who is involved in further study in the area(s) of biology, environmental science, or medicine. 
Division II (The Humanities and Fine Arts)

• Randolph H. Deer Prize for Outstanding and Continued Work in Art: Kelvin Burzon
The Deer Prize is made possible by a gift from Randolph H. Deer. The prize is set up to reward and encourage art majors for exceptional work during their freshman and sophomore years. The recipients are selected by the Art Department faculty based on their achievements in the art department. The prize will be awarded in two installments: half before the junior year, and renewable before the senior year.

• David B. Greene Award for Distinguished Work in Art History: Kevin M. Andrews

• McLain Prize in Classics: Mitchell D. Brown and Denver T. Wade
The McLain Prize in Classics provides an annual cash award to the member of the senior class whose achievement in Greek and Latin or in the Classics has been the most distinguished. The prize honors the memory of Henry Zwingli McLain, a professor of Greek and Secretary of the Faculty, 1874-1907.

• Walter L. Fertig Prize in English: Joel M. Harker and John A. Henry
The Walter L. Fertig Prize in English is given to a member of the senior class who, in the judgment of the English Department, has accomplished distinguished work in his study of English and American literature.

• Ruth Margaret Farber Award in English: Austin E. Flynn and Chadwick P. Woods
The Farber Award was created by John Farber, a 1915 Wabash graduate, in honor of his mother, the award goes to the member of the junior class who has shown the most promise as a student of English and American literature.

• Nicholas Harrison Essay Award: Gary D. James (1st) and Riley H. Floyd (2nd)
The Harrison Essay Award is made each year from a fund established in 1944 by Mrs. Nancy E. Harrison in memory of her husband, Class of 1895. It is awarded to the students who submit the best essays in the field of American studies.

• Robert S. Edwards Award in Creative Writing: Michael J. Richmond
The Robert S. Edwards Award is given to one who demonstrates the greatest skill and originality in creative writing in a course offered by the English Department.

• Robert O. Petty Nature Writing Prize: Paul F. Wilson

• Kudlaty Senior Spanish Award: Joshua N. Lopez
The Kudlaty Award was established to honor and extend Professor Jack Kudlaty’s life-long commitment to teaching and scholarship in Spanish language and literature and is given to the outstanding Spanish major at Wabash.

• Robert A. King German Prize: Michael W. Vick
The Robert King Prize is given to student of the graduating class who has an exceptionally fine record in German and who will continue his education after graduation from Wabash. The prize was established to honor the memory of Professor King, who as a teacher and registrar served the College from 1891 to 1919.

• Annie Crim Leavenworth French Prize: Emanual F. Harper IV
The Leavenworth French Prize is presented annually to a student of French who demonstrates
exceptional dedication to French language, literature, and culture. Named for Annie Crim Leavenworth, the first woman to hold the rank of Assistant Professor and one of the first French professors at Wabash College.

• J. Harry Cotton Philosophy Prize: Paul F. Wilson
The J. Harry Cotton Prize is given to the student judged by the department to have done the best work in philosophy during the year.

• John N. Mills Prize in Religion: Adam S. Brasich (1st), Clifford G. Kochian III (2nd), Christopher J. Beedie (3rd), Robert J. Wade (4th)
The Mills Prize is awarded to three students who have done excellent work in religion courses, including courses in the Bible, in the Department of Religion.

• John N. Mills Fellowship in Religion: David B. Haggard
The John N. Mills Fellowship, to be used for graduate study, is awarded to a senior who has done excellent work in the Department of Religion.

• Baldwin Prize in Oratory: Donovan S. Bisbee (1st), James M. Nossett (2nd), Andrew K. Forrester (3rd)
The Baldwin Oratorical Contest is held each year and the prizes are awarded to three students who "compose and pronounce the best orations."

• James E. Bingham Award: Aaron W. Bonar and John A. Henry
Given to distinguished seniors who will enroll in an A.B.A.-accredited law school for the next academic year.

• David W. Peck Medal: Alexander C. Ingram
The David W. Peck Medal is awarded each year to a senior to recognize "promise or eminence in the law."

• Daniels Award in Constitutional Law: John A. Henry
The Daniels Award is given to the student whose paper provides the most effective understanding and evaluation of the philosophical bases on which the Anglo American legal order is constructed. It was established in 1974 by Katherine D. Kane in memory of her father.

• Joseph O'Rourke, Jr. Award in Speech: Gary D. James
The O'Rourke, Jr. Prize was established by the family of long-time speech professor Joseph O'Rourke, Jr., the prize is awarded annually to the student with the best Senior Project in the Speech Department.

• William Nelson White Scholarship Award: Nicholas D. Maraman
The White Scholarship Award is given to a senior selected by the college on the basis of scholarship, personal integrity, and an understanding of the professional requirements of the practice of law.

• Kenneth W. Kloth Design & Technical Theater Award: Anthony L. Morton
The Kloth Award, presented to the Wabash student who, in the opinion of the Theater Department faculty and staff, has done outstanding work in the areas of scenic or costume design or technical theater.

• Erminie Leonardis Theater History Award: Kristijonas Paltanavicius
The Leonardis Theater History Award is presented to a student who, in the estimation of the Theater Department faculty, has done outstanding work in the study of theater history, dramatic literature or criticism.

• Ryan Champion Theater Performance Award: Spencer J. Elliott
The Theater Prize is given to the student who, in the judgment of the theater department staff, has shown exceptional merit in his onstage production work. The criteria for the award include energy and commitment to high standards throughout the rehearsal process, artistic growth and excellence in performance.

• R. Robert Mitchum Glee Club Leadership Award: Aaron W. Bonar and Forrest D. Craig
The Mitchum Award is derived from the R. Robert Mitchum Glee Club Endowment. It was established by former glee club members in honor of the late director and is awarded to a member of the Glee Club who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities.

• The Glee Club Senior Award: Patrick D. Griffith and Benjamin T. Harvill III
The Glee Club Senior Award is presented to a student who has made the most valuable contribution of effort and talent to the group.

• Louis Catuogno, Jr. Piano Prize: Forrest D. Craig
The Louis Catuogno Prize in Piano, made possible by a gift from Mrs. Edward McLean in memory of her brother who was chairman of the Department of Piano at Texas Technological University at Lubbock, Texas, is awarded to that student who, in the estimation of the chair of the Music Department at Wabash College, demonstrates ability and appreciation of piano as a medium of musical expression.
Division III (The Social Sciences)
• George D. Lovell Award: Christopher A. Nelson
The George D. Lovell Award is presented to a junior or senior majoring in social studies. Established in 1986 by family, friends, colleagues and former students of Dr. Lovell, long-time chairman of the Psychology Department and Beesley Distinguished Professor at Wabash. The recipient is chosen by the chairman of Division III and the dean of students, with preference given to a student of racial or ethnic minority.
• Distinguished Senior in Psychology: Daniel L. King
The Distinguished Senior in Psychology Award is given to the senior psychology major who best represents the department's ideal for outstanding research, scholarship and service.
• Wall Street Journal Award: Kyle A. Platt
The Wall Street Journal Award is presented to the senior economics major who has exhibited the best analytical ability in his major field, the award consists of a one year subscription to the Wall Street Journal and an engraved paperweight.
• Warren Wright Shearer Prize in Economics: William J. Weber
The Shearer Prize was established to recognize the contributions made by Warren Wright Shearer during his long years of service to Wabash as an economist and a teacher of economics, it is presented to a member of the junior class who, by vote of the faculty of the economics department, has the best command of economic theory.
• Benjamin A. Rogge Memorial Award: Khondoker T. Haider and Gregory M. Slisz
The Rogge Award is awarded to the academically outstanding member of the senior class who best articulates the free-market philosophy and ideals of Ben Rogge,
• Steven Schmutte Award for Outstanding Paper in Economics: Dezhi Xu
The Schmutte prize is awarded to the student paper which, in the judgment of the department, best reflects the qualities of cognet analysis and clarity of exposition which were the hallmarks of Stephen Schmutte, a dedicated and very effective teacher in the department since 1968.
• Theodore G. Gronert Award: Elijah L. Sanders
The Gronert Award is presented by the American Legion Byron Cox Post No. 72, in memory of Dr. Theodore Gronert, a long-time professor of history at Wabash and a former post commander. The award is given to the senior who had demonstrated excellence in the study of United States history and government.
• John F. Charles World History Prize: Sean M. Huston and Bradley M. Jones
The John F. Charles Prize is awarded to the senior history major who is considered most outstanding in a field or fields of history other than American. It is presented by the History Department of the College in honor of their friend and colleague, John F. Charles.
• F. Michael Cassel Political Science Award: Filip J. Lempa
The Cassel Award is awarded to a political science major who shows great promise.
• George A. Lipsky Memorial Award in Political Science: Alexander C. Ingram
The Lipsky Memorial Award is named for a former chairman of the political science department at Wabash, the award is based on a student's breadth of learning within the liberal arts curriculum, his commitment of human and civilized values and his ability to analyze and evaluate contemporary social issues.
• Waldo Stephens Scholarship: Jacob D. Surface
The Waldo Stephens Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Waldo Stephens and awarded annually to a junior who plans a career of government service.
• N. Ryan Shaw II Political Science Award: Aaron W. Bonar
The Shaw award, a Wabash captain's chair, is presented to the senior chosen by the political science department as the department's outstanding major. The award is in memory of the late Mary J. Shaw's husband, Wabash class of 1953.
• Caleb Mills Teacher-in-Training Excellence Award: William J. Murchie and Brett J. Sanders
The Caleb Mills Teacher-in-Training Award honors the memory of the founder of the public school system, Caleb Mills. It is awarded to a member of the graduating class whose achievement and contribution to teacher education and student teaching have been the most distinguished.
• The Robert S. Harvey Outstanding Editor Award: Charles P. Summers
• The Robert S. Harvey Journalism Award: Alexander Avtgis, Adam Becerra, Joel Bustamanate, Riley Floyd, Patrick Griffith, John Henry, Gary James, Patrick McAlister, Robert Moseman, Peter Robbins, David Schrader, Charles Summers, and Paul Wilson
Robert S. Harvey Journalism Award, presented annually, on the vote of the Board of Publications, to the chair of the Board of Publications and the editors of the member publications. This award recognizes the fact that the editors, above all others, had to make a sacrifice to make the publications successful. Mr. Harvey ’28 taught English 1941-79, Librarian 1941-42, Acting Dean 1942-44, and Registrar 1946-72. He supervised the college News Bureau, ran the Board of Publications, wrote citations for alumni awards of merit, and became the college archivist.
• Jim Leas Outstanding Student in Journalism: Gary James
Jim Leas Outstanding Student-in-Journalism Award, endowed by the Crawfordsville Journal-Review, is a cash award given to that student who, in the judgment of the Wabash College Board of Publications, best exemplifies those standards of journalistic excellence which Jim Leas demonstrated in his 20 years of sports writing.
• The Patterson-Goldberger Outstanding Freshman in Journalism Award: Riley H. Floyd
The Freshman Journalism Award is presented to the member of the freshman class who contributed most significantly to journalism in his first year at Wabash.
In photos: Top to Bottom, junior Michael Nossett with family; Senior Brandon Hirsch; Mitch Brown, Denver Wade, and Classics Professor Leslie Day;; Senior Paul Wilson; John Henry, Aaron Bonar, and Political Science Professor Scott Himsel; Senior Spencer Elliott; Senior Chuck Summers with Director of Public Affairs Jim Amidon.


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