Chapel Talk: Thoughts on our History

April 15, 2010

Archivist Beth Swift presented the Chapel Talk “Thoughts on our History” describing changes and similarities between Wabash past and present.
See Beth Swift's entire Chapel talk at bottom of this page or on the Wabash College YouTube Channel.
“We love traditions here at Wabash! There are loads of things we do because someone did it before and said it was a tradition. There are some things perceived as tradition because it has been happening for the previous four years. You will leave Wabash supposing many of those things that you did are ‘traditional,’ when in fact they are new, relatively speaking.
“Change is a constant in the history of this place – yet there are many things that stay the same… Wabash is still all male and is still a small college. We are still powerfully passionate about our athletic teams. We still ‘always fight.’
“Wabash has also always been a school known for it’s academic rigor. The faculty challenges all of you to do your best, to perform like academic Little Giants. You study hard, you play hard, and you learn the value of meaningful, substantive, and respectful dialog. This has not changed over the course of our history.”
Swift noted similarities of all the students who have attended Wabash. “You come to us as boys and grow into men. Here you meet others from near and far. You make friendships that last a lifetime. You have favorite professors. You care deeply about your future.
“All Wabash men share a legacy – with those men of another era, with those professors from a time long ago – indeed, with all of the bits that make up this place we call Wabash.
“You all share this history, it is yours and as with just about everything worthy, it carries responsibilities. Always remember that whatever a man from Wabash does, no matter where he does it, reflects back on all of Wabash. It becomes a part of the history.”


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