Professor Hoerl Encourages Wabash Men to Love

by Howard W. Hewitt

February 18, 2010

“Wabash Always Fights is Machiavellian,” Alexandra Hoerl told Thursday’s Chapel Talk audience. But the BKT Assistant Professor of Political Science also told the Wabash Community that Wabash is about love.

See Hoerl’s complete Chapel Talk on Wabash’s YouTube Channel or click on the video at the bottom of this page.
“I agreed to give this talk, though I haven’t been here long, I love this place,” she said. She remembered her job interview and learning the College’s motto – Wabash Always Fights. “I couldn’t get over how cool that is. This is a positive place where you go out and actually tackle things.”
She contrasted that with other educational institutions of her past where student attitude was often negative toward everything. “You guys put yourself out there is a positive way.”
Hoerl suggested that a good liberal arts education promotes love and drives graduates to “leave this safe harbor and go forward to defend all that is good. At its best this places inspires love and loyalty.”
She shared and thanked colleagues and students for the many kindnesses extended since her fall arrival. She thanked students for caring enough to turnout for Tuesday’s faculty meeting discussion on possible changes to C&T.
She expanded the discussion on love to include fears and anecdotes from her classroom all with a light-hearted and self-deprecating tone that held the Chapel crowd’s attention.
“The fact that I was able to get up here at all is the result of the trust and faith I’ve received from the Wabash community,” she concluded. “I hope you have the courage to find something to love here at Wabash and the courage to love each other.”


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