Ides of August Presented on Friday

by Karen Handley

August 21, 2008

Get directions to Wabash College Hays Science Hall

Wabash College’s annual Ides of August program will be presented in Hays Science Hall, Room 104, Friday, August 22. The Ides of August is the College’s traditional forum for faculty and staff members to discuss their recent projects. Featured on Friday’s program are:

8:30 First session
8:30: Michael Abbott: "Adventures in the Blogosphere: My Life as The Brainy Gamer"
8:50: Dennis Krause: "The Not-So-Simple Simple Harmonic Oscillator"
9:10: Neil Schmitzer-Torbert: "Where, Oh Where, Did My Little Rat Go? Identifying Navigation Strategies Used by Rats in Complex Mazes"
9:30: Kristen Wilkins: "All Good Things Will Come to You Soon"
9:50: David Kubiak: "Wortspiel in Germanicus, Aratea 13"

10:20 Session Two
10:20: Gary Phillips: "’More Than the Jews’ His Blood be upon all the Children: Biblical Violence, Genocide, and Responsible Reading"
10:40: Martin John Madsen: "The Wabash Ion Trap"
11:00: Chad Westphal: "Toward a Least-Squares Finite Element Approach to Biological Fluids"
11:20: Agata Szczeszak-Brewer: "Corpsechewers, Womanly Men, and the Irish Virtue"
11:40: Joyce Burnette: "The Emergence of Wage Discrimination in US Manufacturing"

1:30 Session Three
1:30: Scott Feller: "You Are What You Eat: Molecular Level Implications of Modern Agriculture"
1:50: Glen Helman: "Two Views of Generality"
2:10: M. Michele Pittard: "Journaling as a tool for Preparing Reflective Practitioners"
2:30: C. Benedicks: "The Gentleman and the Spaz: A Report on the Wabash Writing Study"
2:50: James Makubuya: "Endingidi (Tube Fiddle) of the Baganda: An Examination of Its Complex Polyphonic and Polyrhythmic Textures"

3:20 Session Four
3:20: Bobby Horton: "Causality in Psychological Science: On Teaching Probability and Exorcising the Evils of Anecdotal Disconfirmation"
3:40: Warren Rosenberg: "Reading Men: How the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Helped in Assessing a Freshman Tutorial on Men and Masculinity"
4:00: James Cherry: "From ‘The Big Sandy’ to ‘The Great White Way:’ The Re-inventive Career of Billy Bryant"
4:20: Maureen McColgin: "Allee Woods Field Research: Procyonids, Peanut Butter and Predation"
4:40: Jane Hardy and Dan Rogers "’An Experience Words Could Never Explain’ The Wabash Summer Immersion Program in Ecuador"

The public is welcome at the Ides of August program.


Wabash College • 301 W Wabash Ave • Crawfordsville, IN 47933 • 765.361.6100