Jazz Improv and Wamidan To Present Concert

by Karen Handley

November 12, 2007

Get directions to Wabash College Fine Arts Center

Wabash College’s Music Department invites you to a concert given by Wamidan World Music Ensemble and the Jazz Improv as they present their first concert of the season at 8 p.m. Wednesday, November 14 in Salter Concert Hall in the Fine Arts Center.

Some of the featured performances for Wamidan will be two instrumental pieces and two folk dances. The instruments to be featured will include endingidi (1-string tube fiddles), adungu (9-string bow harps), endongo (8-stringed bowl lyres), madinda (12-slab log xylophones), and entenga (cone-shaped pitched drums). The dances will include the royal entertainment dance of the Baganda people, and the courtship dance of the Banyoro people. Wamidan is under the direction of James Makubuya, associate professor of music.

The Jazz Improv is under the direction of Stephen Robinett. The Jazz group will perform Freddie Freeloader, Milestones, All Blues, So What, and Four, all written by Miles Davis.

The concert is free and open to the public.


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