Houston, Tx.

by Davis Hull '04

October 9, 2007

The location for WABASH Day, Houston was set at Herman Memorial Park.  It’s a city property located in the heart of downtown, right across the street from Rice University.  We had a turnout of six alumni and 1 future Wabash man (Jim Cooper’s son).  We also got significant help from the park ranger on duty Bobby.

Our task was to clip the already bloomed Rudbeckia hirta plant (black eyed susans), so that new ones could sprout up in their place in the spring.  Once Bobby instructed us how to properly clip the plants and dispose of them, we assigned duties and begin.

Some guys’ clipped flowers and some of us did cleanup by bagging the pruned plants.  We had to work in a circle around the Sam Houston monument, so we all worked pretty much in close quarters to one another.  Everyone got a chance to know each other, by talking about where they were from, what they are currently doing now, and talking about family.  We also all discussed our favorite Wabash stories from everyone’s respective time at the college.

Joe Higgs ’79 talked about the volunteer group he worked for that helped people attain skills to get jobs.  Bill McClure ’91 spoke about how the sub-prime mortgage mess has interfered with his job. Rick Cantu ’05 discussed the rigorous demands of architecture school he is currently enrolled in.

Unbelievably the time went by pretty fast.  A few guys had to leave early, but the majority of us stayed and finished the job.  We got about 85 % done.  I just marveled at the work that we had done.  I stated that each time that I passed by the park, I would be very proud to say I helped to beautify one of the city’s most beautiful areas.

After the project was over a few of us went for lunch, and upon reflection we noticed that in addition to doing a community service project.  WABASH day is about alumni connecting by taking 3 hours a year out of busy lives of career, and family to bond with fellow wallies.  Some of us exchanged numbers and will see each other soon, some of them I am sure I will not see until the next WABASH Day.  Can’t wait till next year!

In group pic: Back Ro: Ben Cooper (Jim's son), Gary Parks '73, Rick Cantu '05, Joe Higgs '79. Front Row: Bill McClure, Jim Cooper '81, Davis Hull '04.


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