Fall Events Will Highlight College's 175 Years

September 12, 2007

Wabash College will mark its 175th year with a range of fall campus events designed to appreciate the history and significance of its longevity and contributions to society.

The College was founded on November 21, 1832 with the first classes held December 3, 1833. The fall events will take note of the storied history.

"We’re excited about the activities that are planned this fall to honor the 175th anniversary of the College’s founding," said Jim Amidon, Wabash’s Director of Public Affairs. "our hope is to reconnect students, faculty, staff, and alumni with the College’s history in a meaningful way."

The 175th year comes during a time of celebration for Wabash. President Patrick White was inaugurated in January as the College’s 15th president. The College celebrated Center Hall’s 100th year in the spring. This school year the student newspaper, The Bachelor, is celebrating its 100th year.

"Since we had such a grand celebration for President White’s inaugural in January – much of which focused on our past – we’ll celebrate this fall with a thoughtful approach," Amidon said. "We’ll hear Chapel talks by David Blix, Bill Placher, Dick Ristine, and President White, each speech crafted to a specific aspect of our history. We’ll also feature an evening with Archivist Beth Swift, who will walk us through our visual history during Founders’ Week. We’ll also highlight the 175-year excellence of our faculty in what we’re calling the Faculty Showcase in mid-October."

Here is a tentative schedule of events:

175th Anniversary Programming and Events

Thursday, September 13 — Chapel Talk

David Blix ’70 speaks in Chapel on "Then and Now: Student Life at Wabash" — roughly titled.

Saturday, September 29 — Homecoming

Dick Ristine ’41, who will be honored as an Alumni Admissions Fellow and who will return for the Glee Club Reunion, will speak at the Homecoming Alumni Chapel. Dick Ristine has lived for almost exactly half of the College’s history. Tentative title: "88 Years of Learning, Living, and Loving Wabash College."

October 13 — Football Reunion

A reunion honoring the Stagg Bowl team of 1977, the undefeated team of 1982, and the NCAA quarterfinalist team of 2002.

Thursday, October 18 — Chapel Talk

"Some Little Giants: Wabash’s Athletics Tradition" Chapel Talk by Jim Amidon ’87.

Thursday, October 18 — Faculty Showcase

This is a showcase of the research, scholarship, and creative work of Wabash’s faculty through the years. Librarian John Lamborn, Dean Gary Phillips, and Archivist Beth Swift are sponsoring the event, which will take place in Lilly Library at 8:00 p.m.

November 12-16

Founders’ Week at Wabash College

November 13 — Special Event

7:30 p.m. — Beth Swift will host "Wabash in Pictures and Film," including slide shows that showcase the College Archives collections of images and Ted Steeg’s early 1970s film "Wabash: A Way of Life."

November 14

Noon — Women on Campus will host a luncheon talk.

November 15

Noon — Justin Gardiner ’08 presents his historical research.

November 16 — Chapel Talk

Bill Placher ’70 will speak in Chapel on the Thomsons and the tradition of alumni teachers.


The first day of classes were held on December 3, 1833. President White will be asked to speak in Chapel on Caleb Mills and the history of teaching and learning.


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