Bert Barreto Describes Semester at Sea

by Jeremy Sexton '07

April 6, 2006


Dr. Humberto Barreto, Professor of Economics, gave a presentation April 4th entitled "Around the World in 100 Days: August 30 to December 8, 2005."

Barreto spent his sabbatical teaching in the Semester at Sea Program. "Think of it like a floating university," Barreto said. 

The Semester at Sea Program was comprised of 680 college student from 270 schools.  There were also 200 crew members, 25 faculty members, 33 staff members, 37, family members, 20 inter-port lecturers/students, and 11 senior passengers. Barreto taught three classes which include Development Economics, History of Economic Thought, and Introduction to Macroeconomics.  He spent 50 days at sea and 50 days in ports. The semester was comprised of 21 75-minute class periods. 

Among the places he visited during his voyage include: Hong Kong, Mauritius, India, Burma, Vietnam, and Cacha-Pregos, Brazil. 

"Going different places and spending short bursts of time there and then thinking about it all in its culmination was amazing," Barreto said. "I would strongly encourage any Wabash student to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. It counts for the same credits as any other off-campus study program and you get to see much more of the world. Traveling the world makes you less ignorant."

To find out more about the Semester at Sea program visit them at their website;



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