Woods '93 Offers Students Professional Career Advice

by Jeremy Sexton '07

February 15, 2006

Steve Woods ’93 from Foundation Search Inc. told students Tuesday at Wabash College they need a plan for interviewing and career decisions.

Woods is a professional recruiter from Indianapolis with many years of experience in finding the right job for the right employee. 

"You don’t have to become a doctor or lawyer to become successful in this world.  The most important thing to do when making a career is merging your vocation with your avocation.  People spend too much time at work not be happy.  That is why it is important to mesh your job with your hobby." Woods said.

Wood urged students to find a ‘True North’ in their career path and work backwards from there.

"Students have to understand that they more than likely won’t land their dream job right out of Wabash," Woods said. " But your first job should be a plot on your way to your True North."

Woods told students that they are merely selling themselves to a potential employer during the interviewing process.

"Chemistry is the most important thing when interviewing.  Try to put the employer at ease with both verbal and non-verbal cues.  If he has a picture of his son playing soccer then ask him about his son’s soccer team. You only have a couple of minutes to make an impression and these minutes are probably the most crucial of the entire interview."

"You must match what there looking for in an employee with what you have to offer as a potential candidate. It is important not to seem desperate and stand out from all the other candidates.  Also, it is important that the company is a right fit for you. If everybody on the team and degrees in Accounting and you’re an English major red flags should be going up."

Woods urged students to go on as many interviews as possible.  Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in the job you should go through with the interview for the experience and the opportunity.

Steve Woods can be reached through the Wabash Works website. Woods presentation was part of the Alumni Discussion Series.

Sexton is a Wabash College Junior and English major.


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