Senior Football Players Dinner

by Tom Runge

October 24, 2005

In what will hopefully be restored as a yearly tradition, 16 senior football players and their families gathered at the Crawfordsville Country Club the evening before the Wittenberg game for an informal dinner, relaxation, and a little fun.

The group, totally almost 80, included the players, their families, and most of the coaching staff.  The highlight of the evening came after dinner.  Several parents and coaches’ spouses had prepared funny stories about their sons/husbands.  They placed these stories in a big bowl and then people were selected at random to read them.  Names were not included so the group had to guess which player or coach the story was about.  While I can’t divulge the stories or the appropriate players/coaches, I can tell you there were several funny stories about the players and a couple of good ones about the coaches as well!  I also can tell you that stories about duct-taped underwear, disco dancing, and county fair pig racing were included!

Many thanks go to Ed Larson and Mary Barkley (Brandon #53) for setting up the dinner and to Steve and Karen Selby (Aaron #38) and Rick and Laura Roop (Brandon #10) for their help in making it a great evening.   I certainly hope this is a tradition that finds new life.

For photos, click here.


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