Faculty Research Showcased at Annual Ides of August

by Karen Handley

August 15, 2005

Get directions to Wabash College Hays Science Hall

Wabash College’s annual Ides of August program will be presented in Hays Science Hall on Friday, August 19. The Ides of August is the College’s traditional forum for faculty and staff members to discuss their recent projects. Featured on Friday’s program are:

9:00 First Session: Hays Hall 104

9:00  David Hadley, What Difference Does Four Years at Wabash Make? How Wabash Students Change (or Don’t)

9:20 Dennis Krause, Negative Refraction: What Happens When Light Bends the Wrong Way?

9:40 Peter Hulen, HISMSV: Soccer Mommy and a Piece for Visiting Artists with Digital Tools for Composition

10:00 Thomas Campbell, A Year of Science Fiction in Japan

10:20 Break: Hays Hall 104

10:50 Second Session: Hays Hall 104

10:50 Michele Pittard and Preston Bost, Being an Athlete (or Not) at Wabash: Results of A Student Survey

11:10 Mark Brouwer, Collaborative Translation: Plato, English, and Ambiguity

11:30 Charles Blaich, Evidence on Teaching and Learning at Liberal Arts Colleges

11:50 Charles Blaich , The Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education

12:30 Lunch: Detchon International Hall (no reservations needed)

1:45 Third Session: Hays Hall 104

1:45 Scott Feller, The Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Vision

2:05 Tobey Herzog, Have iPod, Will Travel

2:25 Richard Nelson, Uncovering Genes Required for Morphogenetic Events in Vertebrate Embryonic Development

2:45 James Makubuya, The Revitalizing of Folk Instruments: An Examination of New Roles for Ugandan Chordophones

3:05 Break: Hays Hall 104

3:30 Fourth Session: Hays Hall 104

3:30 Lon Porter, From the PC to the ER: Wabash Student Research toward Silicon BioChip Technology

3:50 Todd McDorman and David Timmerman, The Brigance Colloquy on Rhetoric and Democratic Citizenship

4:10 Kay Widdows and Kathy Wise, Update on the Summer Business Immersion Program

4:30 J. D. Phillips, Wallies in Wonderland: Some Images from Ecuador

The presentations will conclude with a reception in the Caleb Mills House. The public is welcome at the Ides of August program.


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