Two Wabash Graduates Serving Indianapolis Mayor

by Aaron Hunckler

January 28, 2005

Wabash College graduates Eugene Anderson and Steve Campbell are committed to improving the state’s capitol under Mayor Bart Peterson.

Both hold positions for the Indianapolis city government, allowing them to truly affect the city’s progress.

"The city of Indianapolis is well-served by Steve Campbell and Eugene Anderson," Peterson said. "They bring dedication to this community and a high-level of skill to their roles in the Mayor’s office. Wabash College can be proud to know that two of their alumni have committed themselves so graciously to public service."

Anderson ’83 is the Assistant Deputy Mayor of Neighborhoods, while Campbell, ‘92, was promoted from his position as Communications Director to Deputy Mayor early in 2005.

"I like to say that I am the Mayor’s eyes and his ears in neighborhoods," Anderson said. He works primarily with the department of parks and recreation, the department of metropolitan development and the department of public works.

"Those are the areas where the issues of residents are concerned," Anderson said. "Quality of life issues are my responsibilities."

In addition, he meets with neighborhood groups and listens to their concerns to see if he can help them navigate the bureaucracy of city government.

Anderson worked previously for Indianapolis' Circle City Classic and spent five years at Wabash as a major gifts officer during the Campaign for Leadership.

Campbell handles the media and marketing for the Mayor’s office and city government.

"We do all the media relations, all the public information and marketing," he said. "By marketing we mean kind of long-term strategies for whatever the city government is working on."

He is also in charge of public relations, event planning, speech writing, and preparing the Mayor for meetings and public appearances.

"Anytime the Mayor leaves this (city-county) building we usually have something to do with it."  

Campbell has a particularly high profile at the moment being a key spokesperson for the city's tentative agreement to build a new stadium and keeping the Colts in Indianapolis.

Having grown-up in Indianapolis, both have witnessed the city’s progression over the years and continue to look and be involved in its development.

"I think every city has to continue to move forward," Anderson said. "And through Mayor Peterson and the leadership that he has given to us, along with the rest of the folks in this administration that certainly looks like it is very promising, that we will continue to grow and move forward."

In Photo: Campbell on left, Anderson on right.

Aaron Hunckler is a free-lance writer based in Bloomington, Ind.


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