Ides of August Schedule

by Karen Handley

August 18, 2004

Crawfordsville, Ind. — Some 20 years ago Biology Professor Thomas Cole orchestrated the first Ides of August. The first Ides was a one and half day event that included an evening dinner and speaker. Over the intervening years the Ides has evolved into a day long session of brief presentations and breaks where one could renew old acquaintances and establish new ones. The 2004 Ides of August continues the tradition.

It is an impressive, eclectic group of 15 minute presentations. Don’t pass up the opportunity to watch colleagues in action on Friday, August 20 in Detchon International Hall and the Science Building.

9:00 First Session: International Hall, Detchon

9:00 Mike Axtell, A Survey of Multi-Section, Trans-Disciplinary Courses with a Common Syllabus

9:20 Michelle Pittard, Classroom Inquiry for Teaching Education Students: The Pilot Project

9:40 Jim Brown, Testing NoNA

10:00 Melissa Butler, With Fidel in Havana and Nixon in Tanzania: Tales from a Voyage around the World

10:20 Break: Science Building 104

10:50 Second Session: Science Building 104

10:50 Dan Rogers, Innocents Abroad: The Wabash Ecuador Summer Program

11:10 Mark Brouwer, The Limits of Rules: Two Aspects of Expertise

11:30 Brian Tucker, Romanticism, Riddle, Psychoanalysis

11:50 Rick Warner, Stories from Chiapas

12:30 Lunch: Trippet Hall Dining Room

2:00 Third Session: Science Building 104

2:00 John Caraher, Chillin’ in C’ville: Optical Molasses in January

2:20 John Byrnes, To Berlin and Back: Travels with My Students

2:40 James Makubuya, The Lyre Culture of East Africa

3:00 Break: Science Building 104

3:30 Fourth Session: Science Building 104

3:30 Bert Barreto and Mike Einterz, Bootstrapping

3:50 Patrick Myers, Suppliant Slayings and Ring Composition in the Iliad

4:10 John Zimmerman, Tech-Reflections: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The presentations will conclude with a reception in the Caleb Mills House. The public is welcome at the Ides of August program.


Wabash College • 301 W Wabash Ave • Crawfordsville, IN 47933 • 765.361.6100