Journalism Awards Given at Annual Awards Chapel

by Karen Handley

May 10, 2004

Director of Public Affairs Jim Amidon has announced the Robert S. Harvey Journalism Award, the Robert S. Harvey Outstanding Editor Award, the Jim Leas Outstanding Student-in-Journalism Award, and the Patterson-Goldberger Outstanding Freshman in Journalism Award at a recent Student Honors, Awards, and Prizes Chapel held at the College.


The Robert S. Harvey Journalism Award went t Shay Atkinson, Michael Bricker, John Budnik, Andrew Cartwight, Stephen Dewart, Seth Ditchcreek, Curtis Eilers, Timothy Flowers, Sean Gallagher, Adam Hawkins, Daniel McGraw, Dunmomi Owolabi, Jacob Pactor, Micah Reese, Jeremy Robinson, Jefferey Sostak, and Matthew Ward.

The Harvey Journalism Award is presented annually, on the vote of the Board of Publications, to the chair of the Board of Publications and the editors of the member publications. This award recognizes the fact the editors, above all others, had to make the supreme sacrifice to make the publications successful.

The Robert S. Harvey Outstanding Editor Award was presented to Seth Ditchcreek and Jeremy Robinson.

The Jim Leas Outstanding Student-in-Journalism Awards was presented to Jacob Pactor.

The Leas Award was endowed by the Crawfordsville Journal Review, and is a cash award given to that student who, in the judgment of the Wabash College Board of Publications, best exemplifies those standards of journalist excellence which Jim Leas demonstrated in his 20 years of sports writing.

The Patterson-Goldberger Outstanding Freshman in Journalism Award was presented to Adam Hawkins.

The Freshman Journalism Award is presented to the member of the freshman class who contributed most significantly to journalism in his first year at Wabash.


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