Indiana Court of Appeals to Return to Wabash

by Karen Handley

February 4, 2004

Get directions to Wabash College Lilly Library

Crawfordsville, Ind. --- The Indiana Court of Appeals will return to Wabash College to conduct an oral argument on Tuesday, February 10 at 3 p.m. in the Goodrich Room of the Lilly Library. This is an excellent opportunity for members of the community to observe a judicial proceeding first hand.

The case, Patterson v. Dykes, involves a political question regarding candidate eligibility. Specifically, an incumbent Councilman from Madison County was granted summary judgment on a motion allowing him to continue to serve on the Council until the next election due to the ineligibility of his opponent to hold office. In turn, the election winner has appealed this finding on the grounds that a pardon from the Governor restored his office eligibility. The oral argument will address these competing claims.

The hearing will last approximately one hour. Following the hearing the judges will answer audience questions, so long as they are not specific to this case. There also will be a reception with the judges at the Caleb Mills House following the question and answer session.

Audience members should maintain the type of decorum expected at judicial proceedings. No special dress is required but hats should not be worn. Photography is permitted before and/or after the hearing but no pictures may be taken during the oral arguments.  Video cameras may not be used during any part of the proceedings.


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