A Message to the Wabash Community

June 2, 2020

A Message to the Wabash Community

Dear Wabash,

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis we have had our spirits buoyed by the many ways that we saw our community – that was physically distanced – come together in creative and powerful ways to support one another. From our isolated offices on campus, we feared for the health and safety of each of you and struggled to support our students, faculty, and staff during difficult times. But we always remained thankful that so many of you reached out to each other to offer support and comfort.

Today we find ourselves again in the position of being separated from those who we desperately want to support. Members of our community are suffering from fear, frustration, and anxiety brought on by racially motivated violence that is killing, injuring, or threatening them and their loved ones and friends all across our country. Like you, we seek peace, justice, and equality for all our students, colleagues, alumni, and friends of color.

We write this short message today to express our concern for those in our community who are suffering. We ask those of you who also consider yourselves allies in the fight against injustice to reach out to your friends and colleagues with support and empathy. Each of us on the senior staff offers our support to those who need it. Please contact us if you need someone to talk to or would like to be connected with another teacher, colleague, coach, mentor, or alumnus who may be able to help you at this overwhelming time.

Offering support is necessary but not a sufficient effort to end what President Hess described as “the injustices of slavery and its descendent racism” in his tweet yesterday. The College’s core values call us to seek education that fosters an understanding of and appreciation for others and to act based on moral and ethical awareness. This work to reject racism in all its forms must continue with renewed vigor and understanding when we return to campus this fall, work that each of us pledges to support personally and with all the resources of our offices.

We will overcome the challenges before us because we are stronger together.

Scott Feller, Dean of the College and President-Elect, 765-361-6224

Jim Amidon, Chief of Staff, 765-361-6364

Kendra Cooks, Chief Financial Officer, 765-361-6212

Michelle Janssen, Dean of College Advancement, 765-361-6365

Steven Jones, Dean for Professional Development, 765-361-6450

Todd McDorman, Professor of Rhetoric and Dean of the College-Elect, 765-361-6183

Greg Redding, Dean of Students, 765-361-6289

Matt Tanney, Director of Athletics and Campus Wellness, 765-361-6233

Chip Timmons, Dean of Enrollment Management, 765-361-6054


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