Alumni Voting is Now Open!

February 26, 2019

NAWM President Rob ShookThe Board of Directors of the National Association of Wabash Men encourages Wabash alumni to vote in elections for Alumni Trustee on the Board of Trustees and for the Board of Directors for the NAWM. Elections close April 23, 2019.

Alumni will vote through eServices which can be found online here

Wabash College Board of Trustees Alumni Representative

Three alumni have been selected as candidates to serve on the Wabash College Board of Trustees. You are privileged to vote for one of the candidates on the slate, or you may write in the name of any qualified alumnus whose name does not appear here. (A qualified alumnus is any man who attended Wabash for at least one year.)

The candidate who receives the greatest number of votes will be elected and serve on the Board for a four-year term, 2019-2023. (One trustee is elected by alumni in odd-numbered years and two in even-numbered years. Six of the 35 members of the Board of Trustees are elected by alumni.) This year’s candidates are Chris Braun ’81, Thomas Halverson ’87, and Michael Overdorf ’92.

In recommending candidates, the Board of Directors has in mind the following qualifications desirable for a Wabash College alumni trustee:

- He supports the mission, core values, history, and traditions of Wabash College, and has a vivid sense of owning the College and making it strong for the next generation;

- He professionally is a high achiever who shares time, talent, and treasure to the benefit of the College;

- His interest in education should be genuine and deep-rooted;

- He identifies and helps recruit young men to attend the College, participates in admissions and advancement events, and when possible provides career development opportunities for students;

- He places Wabash College at or near the top of his philanthropic endeavors, including participation in the Annual Fund; and

- He participates in campus events, visits classes, and actively engages in informal discussions with students, faculty, and staff.

All ballots must be cast online on or before April 23, 2019, for consideration.


Board of Directors of the National Association of Wabash Men

Five alumni have been selected as candidates to serve on the Board of Directors of The National Association of Wabash Men. The three candidates who receive the greatest number of votes will serve for three years: 2019-2022. The candidates are Syud Momtaz Ahmed ’07, Mike Berry ’92, Brandon Clifton ’05, Jim Engledow ’78, and Herm Haffner ’77.

The Board of Directors meets three times each year. Its major areas of consideration are: Alumni Involvement, Recruiting, and Career Services.

Please consider these men—or write in the names of other qualified alumni—to represent you on the Board of Directors.

Thank you for taking the time to vote. Your ballot must be completed online by April 23, 2019.


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