Falk to Receive Senior Peck Medal

April 15, 2016

Wabash College President Gregory Hess announced that Ken Falk, Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, is the 2016 recipient of the David W. Peck Senior Medal for Eminence in the Law. 

Falk will visit campus to deliver a lecture – “The Law as a Shield and a Sword – An Advocate’s Perspective” – at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 18, in Baxter Hall room 101, and will receive the Senior Peck Medal thereafter at the 43rd Annual Peck Dinner.

“Ken Falk has modeled legal service at the highest level for decades,” Hess noted. “Mr. Falk provides a great role model for our students about how to think critically and act humanely in a difficult world,” Hess added. 

ACLU Indiana Legal Director Ken Falk (Indiana Lawyer photo).A Columbia University law graduate, Falk worked at the Legal Services Organization of Indiana from 1977 to 1996, serving those who were unable to pay for the legal services they needed, eventually rising to the position of Director of Litigation. For the last 20 years, Falk has successfully advocated for civil rights and civil liberties at the ACLU of Indiana while maintaining the highest level of lawyerly decorum despite the often divisive nature of those cases.

“In an era of decreasing civility in both litigation and public discourse, Ken Falk’s legendary legal career provides inspiration for those who value honest and even-tempered debate over inflammatory sound bites,” said Tom Fisher ’91, Indiana Solicitor General. “Mr. Falk’s commitment to clients is matched by his professionalism with opposing counsel and the judiciary. Through scholarly and civil advocacy at all levels, Mr. Falk has set high standards of excellence for all lawyers in Indiana.”

Wabash alumnus John Collett ’24 established the Peck Medal to honor his fraternity brother Judge David W. Peck ’22, who practiced law for many years at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City and also served as presiding justice of the courts in Manhattan and the Bronx.   

For over four decades, the Peck Dinner has provided a unique opportunity for Wabash students interested in the law to meet lawyer alumni and to benefit from the wisdom of the Senior Peck Medal recipient. The event also recognizes student Prelaw award winners. 

Senior Peck Medal Recipients

1974       Cleon H. Foust ‘28

1975       Bethuel M. Webster

1976       William D. Ruckelshaus

1977       Whitney N. Seymour

1978       Harold A. Stevens

1979       Victor G. Rosenblum

1980       Paul H. Buchanan, Jr.

1981       Byron Hollett ‘36

1982       Richard D. Cudahy

1983       Thomas M. Lofton

1984       William F. Harvey

1985       William I. Garrard ‘54

1986       Richard O. Ristine ‘41

1987       Charles E. Rice

1988       Thomas K. Milligan ‘63

1989       Sara Evans Barker

1990       James E. Bond, Jr. ‘43

1991       Bruce A. Polizotto ‘63

1992       Pasco Bowman III

1993       Roger D. Billings, Jr. ‘59

1994       David N. Shane ‘70

1995       Richard Epstein

1996       Vincent F. Grogg ‘55

1997       Frank M. Rasmussen ‘56

1998       Timothy A. Guiden ‘82

1999       Robert George

2000       Dock McDowell, Jr. ‘72

2001       Richard Neely

2002       Randall T. Shepard

2003       Edward B. McLean

2004       David E. Kendall ‘66

2005       Theodore R. Boehm

2006       John T. Noonan, Jr.

2007       Geoffrey R. Stone

2008       Stephen L. Carter

2009       Morris Dees

2010       John R. Crook ‘69

2011       Bryan A. Stevenson

2012       William Neukom

2013       David Hamilton

2014       Thomas B. Griffith

2015       John Daniel Tinder

2016       Ken Falk


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