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Malcolm X
Institute of Black Studies

Malcolm X Institute

Founded in 1970, the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies provides cultural, educational, and social programs designed to help its members develop leadership skills. The MXIBS also educates the entire Wabash and Crawfordsville communities about the Black experience.

Kenny Coleman

Malcolm Lang

An English major with a passion for social justice, Malcolm Lang turned his public health internship into an opportunity to build connections.

Davionne Garrett

Davionne Garrett discusses why he chose to remain on-campus during the COVID Spring of 2020 and how he adjusted virtual learning.

Lamore Boudoin

Lamore is from a tiny town that is 95 percent Black. He rarely interacted with people outside of his own race. Then he came to Wabash.

Tra Clemons

Trashan Clemons discusses his adjustment to WLAIP, studying abroad in Namibia, and embodying the track team's mantra, "Nothing Breaks Us."

The Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies was founded on the campus of Wabash College in 1970 by students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The MXIBS has a rich history, which is told in the documentary film "A Legacy of Hope."