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Summer/Fall 2002

Poetry by Jacob Rump


Testosterone is evident
through shaved legs and perfume
and “beauty is only skin deep”
says beautiful Stella.

Only time I’ve ever seen
a wedding dress with sequins
white-blonde hair, a little flair
and so Warholistic.

Stella says that she loves live
and yet I feel his pain
“life is free,” laughingly
she tells me with his light blue eyes.

He’s my friend and she’s so peaceful
Stella has a beautiful mind
she talks of death and cigarettes
and how he’s switched to lights.

She says he’s turned a socialist
I say I’m glad and
Stella says
that people come just like the sun
and people change like moonlight.



…but nothing can stop
her hardthigh pistons always pumping
toward diesel-fueled desires
and gasoline-fused memories
of dirty lays of dreaming girls
in motorcars
on many a drunken midnight dreary



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