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From immersion learning in Mexico City, Chiapas

Mississippi Summer
Complete memoir of a Wabash Civil Rights Worker



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Steve Charles

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"Bass Lines" by Greg Huebner

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Unlikely Haven, by Kyle Nickel '03

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Chris Denari '83


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Nate Boulais ’03

A selection from Professor Greg Huebner's "Bass Lines"


Summer/Fall 2002


In this issue you'll read about alumni and students whose lives converged with fascinating cultures, inspiring individuals, and challenging moments in history in surprising ways.

Unlikely Haven

It was just supposed to be a photography assignment, but through it Kyle Nickel found unexpected friends who reminded him of where stories live, and why they matter.
by Kyle Nickel '03

Among the Living Maya

Fifteen students, two professors, and a Wabash alumnus converged on Chiapas, Mexico, for a ten-day immersion-learning experience that lit a fire in the students' hearts and minds.
by Steve Charles

My Day with Charles Lindbergh

In the shadow of 9/11, a veteran flyer recalls spending Christmas Day with his boyhood hero.
by Maj. General (Ret.) Earl Johnson '38

A Man's Life: Gathering Home

There may exist a prehistoric homing instinct in men, different from but no less powerful than woman's so-called "nesting instinct."
by Michael Ruhlman

Turning Point: Mississippi Summer

Experiences of a Wabash civil rights worker
by John Moorhouse '65

A Skeptical View of the Skeptic
Think devils in the door and psychic prophecies are anything other than coincidence? Page Stephens '65 -- and a million dollars -- says "You're on!"

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