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Summer/Fall 2002

Poetry by Mat McMullen

The Coming of Change

A walk in the woods does well for one’s hearing,
For the trees have all the answers.
And an overcast day will bring harmony if you

Look up!
And be still.

The wind echoes with hymns of joy
And the distant voice of a bloated rivulet
            Keeps a steady beat.
They have something to say
            Or, at least, they might have
            If one could translate quickly enough.

The rocky faces of the bluff smile
            With anticipation.
They’re ready for a makeover,
            Something different,
            Something new.
Even rocks can get bored after awhile.

Everything changes, like it always does,
            Transforming to some new illusion.

The sky cracks its whip of thunder
And the wind burst into a triumphant chorus.
The revulet increases its beat like the pulse
            Of a frightened child
And rocks reply in a bold gesture of silence.
The trees, they have no more answers today
For they are far more fond of the sun than the cloud.

It begins to rain
And now we are at the beginning again;
Which we never left,
Just went for a walk.



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