Bonus Features in
WM Online

Liberal Arts
as a Preparation
for Physicians

by Mike McGrath

Is Suffering the Enemy?
full text of the article from
The Hastings Report

by Richard Gunderman ’83

Critical Thinking
and an Open Mind

2002 Commencement Address

by Usman Tahir ’02

Defending All-Male
Education: A New
Cultural Moment
for a Renewed Debate

by Steve Webb ’83

Postcard from Nepal
additional photos from dentist Tom Roberts' ’79 mission to Nepal.

Disappearing Poet?
Not as long as we have a say about it! Read selections from Professor Marc Hudson's most recent book.
"[Hudson's] voice is unforgettable. It reaffirms a reader's faith in the poet's role during this dark time."
K.E. MacDonald

Re-enacting the
Great Library Move

and Class of ’62 Reunion

Faculty Notes

Raymond Williams:
A Father's Music



Summer/Fall 2002

"to Think Critically and Live Humanely…"

"Wabash College educates men to think critically…and live humanely."
from the College Mission Statement

Introduction from the Editor

From Center Hall:
Think Critically AND Live Humanely?

Engaging the Issues

Students don an age-old virtue to tackle the complex ethical issues posed by 21st century technology.
by Steve Charles

The Best Preparation for Doctors?

A student who has grappled with the eternal questions posed by philosophers is much more open to the true complexities inherent in medical decision-making.
by Michael McGrath

The Gift of Hope

With 16 people dying every day waiting for transplants, educating the public on the facts of organ donation is literally a life-or-death proposition.
by Jerry Anderson ’71

When is a Fetus Old Enough to Need an Advocate?

A Catholic anesthesiologist and children’s advocate finds himself on a surprising side of the debate over partial birth abortions.
by Tim McDonald ’79

A Better Education?

Taking time away from school to do something for others in a context that encourages reflection on spiritual and ethical values should be a part of every college education.
by Steve Webb ’83

A Kindness Rewarded

“It is impossible to describe the magic of this scene, with hundreds of people lighting these candles, kids running everywhere, dogs barking, bells ringing, and lots of laughter.”
by Tom Roberts ’79

Dispatch from Homeland Defense

“If I were a strategist for Bin Laden, I would attack Cow’s Bell, Iowa. That would tell the American people, ‘I can touch you anywhere, anytime…’”
by Col. Paul Melshen ’72

a poem by Marc Hudson

Professor Joy Castro recounts her childhood experience of domestic violence and praises the Wabash community's partnership with the local Family Crisis Shelter.
by Joy Castro

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