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After the Bell: Run for Your Life with Dr. Adriel Trott

Thursday, September 29, 2022
7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (EDT)

After the Bell: Run for Your Life with Dr. Adriel Trott

Wabash "rings-out" a new class to our alumni ranks each year. After the Bell offers opportunities to come back to the Wabash classroom and attend virtual liberal arts sessions with current faculty members. Join us for this live virtual event being offered for Wabash alumni, spouses, partners, parents, and friends.

American Olympian runner Steve Prefontaine said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” In this After the Bell session, Dr. Trott discusses the ways that running is a metaphor life following five principles: 1) Pushing Your Edge; 2) Knowing your why; 3) Prioritizing and goal setting. 4) Knowing what the race requires; 5) Miles matter. This session will discuss each of these principles to show how running well, like living well, requires honest self-examination, knowing one’s purpose, pushing one’s edge, consistently showing up to the do the work, figuring out what the race requires, learning to recover and fuel well, being a good fan, and doing other supporting work to be able to run well when the time calls for it. Nike coach Bill Bowerman said, “Everything you need is already inside.” And yet, he trained his athletes hard. This session will discuss how these principles for running find what is inside and develop what is required for the race to cultivate it in running and beyond.

Dr. Adriel Trott, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair, Andrew T. and Anne Ford Chair in the Liberal Arts

Dr. Trott is chair of philosophy and the Andrew T. and Anne Ford Chair in the Liberal Arts. She specializes in ancient Greek and contemporary political philosophy. Her work focuses on how ancient philosophy can be a resource both for diagnosing contemporary conceptions of political life, of being human, of nature and of gender and for presenting alternatives to these accounts. Dr. Trott is the author of Aristotle on the Nature of Community and Aristotle on the Matter of Form: A Feminist Metaphysics of Generation.

Trott teaches courses that engage students from classics, gender studies, Black studies and PPE. She serves on the executive committee of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP) and is the Editor of the Women in Philosophy series at the American Philosophical Association (APA) Blog. She blogs at The Trott Line and is an honorary member of the Malcolm X Institute for Black Studies at Wabash.

Trott qualified for the Boston Marathon in her first marathon in December 2021 and is running the Chicago Marathon in October 2022. She trains with the Rogue She Squad, a virtual training group.