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After the Bell: Investment 101+ with Dr. Sujata Saha

After the Bell: Investment 101+ with Dr. Sujata Saha
October 28, 2021
7:30 – 8:30 PM EDT

Wabash "rings-out" a new class to our alumni ranks each year. After the Bell offers opportunities to come back to the Wabash classroom and attend virtual liberal arts sessions with current faculty members. Join us for this live virtual event being offered for Wabash alumni, spouses, partners, parents, and friends.

After the Bell: Investment 101+ with Dr. Sujata Saha

Ever wondered how much money you need to start an investment portfolio? What about what assets to invest in and why? Then this session is for you! This session will briefly discuss the theory of decision making when it comes to investments and will show you how to put them into practice. We will discuss portfolio building and provide tips and guidelines to help you plan for your financial future, garner knowledge about employment benefits and save for retirement. This session is targeted towards graduates of the last decade and will be helpful as you begin and progress in your career.

Dr. Sujata Saha joined Wabash College in 2017. Her primary research interests are in the areas of International Finance and Trade and Open Economy Macroeconomics and as a researcher she investigates issues that have significant effects on a macroeconomic level. As a teacher, she gets to introduce new and applicable concepts to the students that change and shape the way they think. One of her teaching goals is to make economics more interesting for her students so that they can achieve higher goals in life. At Wabash, she regularly teaches Principles of Economics, the Global Economy, Financial Markets and Institutions, the Economics of Asia, International Trade, Investments and Senior Seminar. She has also taught all college courses.

Dr. Saha loves to cook different kinds of food, likes to explore new places and meet new people. Finally, she likes to paint and in fact, has a Diploma Degree in Painting, but she hasn’t devoted time to it since she graduated from high school. But picked it up again since Summer 2020, and she is loving it.