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Size Is Our Strength

Wabash College

Size Is Our Strength
You might chuckle when you hear us say "size matters" at Wabash — a college for men. But it’s true.
At Wabash, size matters.
Just ask one of our students, who says, "Wabash classrooms don't have back rows."
We’re small by design. Each year, only 250 young men from around the world get to call themselves Wabash men — with all of the freedom and responsibility the title includes. We’re proud of the fact that our average class size is 13 and our student-faculty ratio is 11:1 — we wouldn’t have it any other way. When your classes are small, you’re free to delve deeper into the material, listen carefully to your classmates and professors, and present your own ideas. At Wabash, small classes provide the perfect environment for students to think critically and to communicate effectively.
Size matters outside the classroom, too. Each year, the Student Senate appropriates over $400,000 to more than 60 student-run clubs and organizations. Talk about leadership development — imagine what it takes to manage a large budget, plan activities, resolve conflicts, and work effectively with guys just as smart and motivated as you are. Whether it’s editing the award-winning school newspaper, The Bachelor, or running the Rugby Club, Wabash’s size is perfect for men who want to hone their leadership skills along with their intellect.