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COVID-19 Dashboard

Campus Alert Level:



Positivity Rate


COVID Pass Use


Mask Use

This page is updated weekly on Mondays to reflect data collected the previous week.
Current data is for the week ending on Friday, April 16, 2021.

COVID is having a limited impact impact on College operations. Metrics used for this assignment include prevalence of disease on campus, the ISDH rating of Montgomery County, quarantine and isolation housing availability, and compliance with public health guidelines.

Campus Guidelines by Alert Level

Surveillance Testing

Total Surveillance Tests: 673
Total Surveillance Positive Cases: 1
Individual Positivity Rate: 0.2%

Surveillance positivity is the percentage of students tested for COVID-19 through Wabash's surveillance testing program who have a positive test result. This is an indicator of prevalence rates in the student population. Surveillance testing is conducted through weekly testing of student-athletes and random testing of a percentage of the Wabash student body. The denominator is the number of students who were tested, i.e., the total number of tests is higher given that some students received more than one test.

Quarantine and Isolation Capacity

Students in quarantine or isolation on Friday: 7

Availability of on campus quarantine and isolation facilities:

HIGH (0-25% occupancy)

COVID Pass App Completion Rate


Mask Wearing

Wearing a Mask:


% of those wearing a mask who are wearing it correctly:


Wabash is participating in a CDC study of mask wearing on college campuses, using trained observers at multiple locations on campus each week. Correct mask wearing is defined as a mask covering both the mouth and the nose. As much as possible, masks should fit snugly against the sides of the face. Masks should not have an exhalation valve or vent.

State Ratings

The Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 Dashboard assigns counties a color code each Wednesday, which includes data through the previous Sunday. The color is based on the seven-day, all-tests positivity rate and the weekly cases-per-100,000 residents. A county must remain at a lower weekly score for two consecutive weeks to move to a lower advisory level.

Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard and Map

  • Montgomery YELLOW

    Weekly 2-Metric Score: 1
    Weekly Cases Per 100,000 Residents: 119
    7-Day All Tests Positivity Rate: 3.53

  • Boone YELLOW

  • Clinton YELLOW

  • Fountain BLUE

  • Hendricks YELLOW

  • Parke BLUE

  • Putnam BLUE

  • Tippecanoe YELLOW

Fountain Parke Hendricks Boone Clinton Montgomery Putnam Tippecanoe