We made history for Wabash students on our 04.24.24 Day of Giving.

Unlock more than $500,000 in Challenge Gifts for #CelebrateWabash

Update: Additional Wabash leaders have issued a Surprise Challenge of an extra $227,000 for our students if we reach 1,832 more Celebrations on our 2024 Day of Giving.

Lead Challenge: Make 5,000 Gifts Today!

A group of leaders is offering $500,000 in support of Wabash students as a challenge to the Wabash Nation to reach 5,000 gifts in a single day. Unlock five amounts of the challenge as we achieve each goal.

Gifts Received: 7,917
Gift Goal: 5,000

1,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

2,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

3,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

4,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

5,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

Surprise Challenge: Reach 11,011 Total Celebrations

Keep the Celebration going with your gifts, celebration tributes, and social media posts;
1,832 additional Celebrations unlock an extra $227,000!

Today’s Celebrations: 12,427
Goal: 11,011
113% - $227,000 unlocked!

A special thanks to our Lead Challenge donors:

  • Brian Beesley ’88
  • Scott ’98 and Elisabeth Benedict
  • Chris ’81 and Trish Braun
  • Greg ’87 and Jane Castanias
  • Chad ’00 and Maheen Cleaver
  • Colten ’13 and Allison Craigin
  • Jim ’85 and Jane Davlin
  • Greg ’85 and Sarah Estell
  • Jennifer Evans P’15 and Jack Tankersley
  • Eric ’94 and Amanda Eversole
  • Scott and Wendy Feller
  • Ray Jovanovich ’84 and Belinda Puncia Jovanovich
  • Phil and Colleen Kenney P’13,’18
  • Charlie Kolisek ’14 and Colleen Kennedy
  • David Marshall ’83
  • Travis ’98 and Christine Merrill
  • Houston ’85 and Sonia Mills
  • Andrew Naugle ’97 and Corley Hughes
  • John ’91 and Veronica Olivieri
  • Rob ’92 and Leigh Rudicel
  • Harsh ’01 and Aarathi Singh
  • Walt ’68 and Kathy Snodell
  • Jim ’82 and Maryann Snyder
  • Tom ’73 and Anne Walsh
  • Jim ’88 and Jennifer Williams
  • Fred ’69 and Debrah Wilson
  • Paul ’75 and Betty Woolls
  • 2024 NAWM Board of Directors

Our sincere gratitude to our Surprise Challenge donors:

  • Anonymous
  • Steve ’68,P’99 and Joanie P’07 Bowen
  • Kip ’03 and Nicole Chase
  • Ron Dostal ’92
  • Rob Dyer ’13
  • Jim ’95 and Rem Hawksworth
  • Gregory H’19 and Lora H’15 Hess
  • Peter ’68 and Carroll Kennedy P’11,’16
  • Josh ’99 and Monica Kline
  • Frank ’82 and Lisa Kolisek P’11,’14
  • David ’81 and Lynn Lewis
  • Andrew ’90 and Amy Miller P’22,’24
  • Cory ’85 and Leigh Olson
  • David ’57 and Nancy Orr
  • Gary ’77 and Joanne Reamey
  • John ’69 and Diane H’99 Schroeder P’99
  • David ’70 and Anne Shane
  • Joe Turk Jr. ’89
  • Jonathan ’98 and Vanessa Walsh
  • Kathy and Rob Wunderlich P’18,’21

Why Give on 04.24.24?

Some occasions clearly call for celebration. Today, we celebrate the destination and the journey. A transformational education at Wabash needs the support of an engaged group of donors. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Wabash students maximize their experiences and take charge of their futures. For every dollar raised, they get more scholarships, more one-on-one, more arts, more athletics, more immersion, more Wabash. Celebrate. Participate. Elevate.

Affinity Challenges

When an individual or group sets up an Affinity Challenge, they “challenge” others in their circles to make a gift on the 2024 Day of Giving. If you help them meet their goals, they will make a gift for the pledged amount.

Lead an Affinity Challenge, put your money on the line, and inspire people from your class, living unit, city, campus organizations, and beyond. By reaching your friends and networks, you elevate our College to even greater heights.

All gifts to Athletics affinity challenges will support the Athletic Director’s Fund to strengthen all our teams and facilities.

Code Gifts Challenges
Baseball 119

Mike Gullifor ’80, Mike Axel ’89, and Justin Vander Iest '06 hope you’ll step up to the plate and #CelebrateWabash baseball on 04.24.24. They’ll match every gift to this challenge up to a combined $7,000.

Basketball 200

Let’s celebrate the 2023-24 Little Giants winning the NCAC Championship for a third straight year! Head Coach Kyle Brumett, Mark Lazar ’81, Dave Bromund ’85, Beau Barrett ’98, Chase Haltom ’10, Brian Shelbourne ’12, Matt Kaczkowski ’13, Colten Craigin ’13, Kasey Oetting ’15, Marcus Kammrath ’16, Daniel Purvlicis ’16, and Dalton Vachon ’19 have put up a total of $11,000 to challenge alumni, parents, students, and supporters of Wabash basketball. A slam dunk (75 gifts to this challenge) unlocks $3,000. The trey from downtown (125 gifts) unlocks another $3,000. And the buzzer-beater (175 gifts) nets $5,000.

Football 206

For 138 seasons, with more than 700 wins, from All-Americans to conference championships, thrilling Monon Bell games to playoff runs, Little Giant Football has always provided crisp, fall Saturdays with an enduring Wabash spirit. When this challenge reaches 300 gifts, Head Coach Don Morel, Associate Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator Jake Gilbert ’98, Offensive Line Coach Olmy Olmstead ’04, John Houser ’84, Scott Lahr '85, Mike Warren ’93, Sean Satterfield ’95, Chris Ings ’96, Brad Boas ’06, Austin Hodges ’13, Houston Hodges ’15, and Sammy Adams ’17 will #CelebrateWabash with a combined gift of $7,250.

Golf 93

To celebrate Coach Justin Kopp '21 and the golf team, Dow Dellinger '93, Bill Kepler '93, Chris Carpenter ’96, Dean Chip Timmons ’96, Todd Vogel ’04, and Jake German ’11 will give a total of $2,650 when this challenge reaches 85 gifts.

Lacrosse 47

Celebrating our winning Lacrosse team, Jeff Cunningham '95 will match every gift to this challenge up to $250. Watch the team take on Wooster at Fischer Field at noon on Saturday.

RedPackTrack&Field 207

Celebrating Coaches Clyde Morgan and Tyler McCreary, Emmanuel Aouad ’10 will give $500 when this challenge reaches 75 gifts. Carol H’71 and Tom Runge ’71 will celebrate the student-athletes, parents, grandparents, families, and fans of Wabash Cross-Country and Track & Field by giving $500 when this challenge reaches 100 gifts. When this challenge reaches 150 gifts, Henry O’Connell ’75, James Drake ’76, Dennis McNulty '76, Carroll and Greg Birk ’77, Tom Boyer ’77, Coach Rob Johnson H'77, and Ted Ferguson ’77 will give a combined $11,600 in celebration of 1973 Cross-Country, the first team to represent Wabash in a National Championship for the newly formed NCAA Division III.

Soccer 72

To celebrate Coach Keller and our Little Giant soccer team, Scott Dreher ’82, Dan Cueller ’83, Scott Schroeder ’99, Scott Bye ’19, and David Riggs ’20 will give a total of $2,750 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts. Join us at Fischer Field for the alumni soccer game at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 27.

SportsMed 25

Amanda and Todd Douglas and Mike Ploski ’84 are celebrating the unsung heroes of the Wabash Sports Medicine staff who care for our student-athletes. Together, they’ll match every dollar to this challenge up to $1,250.

SwimDive 139

Happy birthday, Coach Will Bernhardt! Let’s celebrate our head coach along with new school records, All-Conference swims, and our mighty diving squad. When this challenge receives 25 gifts, Doug Piazza ’89 will give $500. When we reach 50 gifts, Chris Bly ’06 and Leo Priemer ’06 will give a total of $700. At 75 gifts, Zech Banks ’16 and Clayton Highum ’16 will add another $650. At 100 gifts, Steve Whitaker '86 will contribute $1,000. Why not reach 125 gifts? Then Robin and Coach Gail Pebworth H'91 will give $1,000.

Tennis 67

Members of the Crawfordsville Tennis Community celebrate the winning record of Coach Daniel Bickett and the 2023-2024 Tennis team. On 04.24.24, they’ll match every dollar given to this challenge up to $2,575.

Volleyball 36

Under first-year coach Ashaun Baker, Wabash's newest sport finished the season at an impressive 15-11 record. To celebrate, Billy Powers '12 will match all gifts to this challenge up to $250.

Wrestling 106

Each year, Wabash Wrestling fans have a great opportunity to show support for our wrestlers, coaches, and Wabash College. This year, the team would like to purchase a new set of singlets and 2 Versa Climbers as they continue to build on the success of this season. Dr. Dan Emerson ’98, Drew McCoy ’05, Dr. Anthony Inzerello ’93, Adam Miller ’05, Dr. Chris Healy ’05, Dr. Garrett Thiel ’08, and David Miller H'05 have collectively pledged $10,000 to match donations dollar for dollar toward our goal of $20,000. Please join in celebrating our student-athletes.

Bachelor 138

The Bachelor ranks #3 nationally as best college newspaper and recently swept the Indiana Collegiate Press Association awards in its division for the second straight year. To celebrate this recognition for the student voice of Wabash since 1908, Ben Beringer '87, Chris Rowland '94, Ezra Ball '96, Kyle Falconbury '96, and Adam Alexander '16 will give a total of $7,500 when this challenge reaches 116 gifts.

GleeClub 127

Celebrating 132 years, the Glee Club has provided harmony to campus, the nation, and the world. Ivan Green '69 and Richard Bowen invite Glee Club members, family, and friends to join in the chorus with 100 gifts on the 2024 Day of Giving and will provide accompaniment to the tune of $1,500.

LaAlianza 67
La Alianza: Unidos Por Sangre seeks to connect campus to community, so we eagerly welcome the establishment of a new Latino Community Center and inaugural appointments of Dr. Julio Enríquez-Ornelas as Director of Latino Partnerships and Coach Chris Keller as Assistant Director. To celebrate this moment, Joe Gracia ’01 (Hispanic Society), Chris Roman ’18 (Unidos Por Sangre), and Jon González ’24 (La Alianza) will match each dollar given to this challenge up to $5,350.
La Alianza: Unidos Por Sangre busca conectar el campus con la comunidad, por lo que damos la bienvenida con entusiasmo al establecimiento de un nuevo Centro Comunitario Latino y al nombramiento del Dr. Julio Enríquez-Ornelas como Director de Asociaciones Latinas y del entrenador Chris Keller como Subdirector. Para celebrar este momento, Joe Gracia ’01 (Hispanic Society), Chris Roman ’18 (Unidos Por Sangre) y Jon González ’24 (La Alianza) igualarán cada dólar donado a este desafío hasta $5,350.
MXIBS154 190

As the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies (MXIBS) approaches its 54th year, a new cadre of alums has agreed to offer this year’s challenge. As members, they benefited from the programming, developed lifelong friendships, and left grateful for their experience. In addition, they were inspired by Horace Turner H’76, Peter Frederick H’92, and Robert H. Johnson H’77. In celebration, when we reach 154 gifts of at least $5, Augustus “Milton” Turner '05, Robert Love ’05, Keon Gilbert '01, Ali Ahmed ’06, Jake Koeneman '06, David Owolabi ’06, Ndeto Mwose ’08, Chris Worden '92, and Steven Jones ’87 will give $4,600 to Wabash in support of the Turner Fund to continue building tremendous relationships and producing meaningful student outcomes.

Rugby 42

Brad Graden ‘91, Kevin Holle ‘91, Bobby Beyer ‘01, and John Holle '22 will match every dollar given to this challenge up to $1,201.

SphinxClub 138

Wabash Always Fights! Brian Beesley '88, Ross Dillard '07, and Kyle Hayes '09 will give three cheers for Alma Mater and a total of $3,882 when this challenge reaches 110 gifts.

WabashChristianMen 89

Wabash Christian Men celebrates how Wabash provides space for men of like-minded faith to build a brotherhood. Brad Benbow '83, Jordan Brewer '11, and Andrew Forrester '11 will contribute a total of $1,750 when this challenge reaches 70 gifts.

shOUT 157

Celebrating 31 years of 'shOUT on campus, Dave Pancost ’69 and Dr. Paige Franklin, Sarah and Greg Estell ’85, co-founder Randall Cole '92, Ron Dostal '92, Marc Nichols '92 and Jamie Collins, Jeremy Wentzel ’14, Chris Roman ’18, and Corey Leuters ’19 and Nate Lowmiller will give a total of $4,500 when this challenge reaches 131 gifts.

Caffeine 23

Back in the day, the Scarlet Inn served up caffeinated concoctions. Since 2010, the Brew’s dedicated staff now serves up Lotus energy drinks, Dirty Hippy lattes, and regular cups of Signature Blend. The Interfraternity Council celebrates Byron Lehr and Ashley Kemp by matching gifts to this challenge up to $475. You won’t get Brew credit, but you will be fueling Wabash.

DeanMoore 86

The Class of '69 established the Dean Moore Scholarship Fund in 2013 to assist students of need.  Celebrating Norman C. Moore H'77, who served as the Wabash Dean of Students from 1955 to 1984, the class has set up a pledge pool to match any gift dollar-for-dollar to this challenge up to $400. Since 2013, the Dean Moore Scholarship has assisted two to five students each year with their tuition.

FirstGen 78

Wabash has always provided life-changing opportunities to those who are first in their families to attend college. Today, approximately 30% of our students, 20% of our staff, and half of the senior staff are first-generation college students. To celebrate our first-generation students, alumni, faculty, staff, families, and friends, Jacob Burnett ’15, CFO Kendra Cooks, Dean Michelle Janssen, Dean Steven Jones ’87, Dean Greg Redding '88, and Dean Todd McDorman will collectively contribute $1,500 when this challenge reaches 65 gifts.

International 36

Celebrating the substantial ways international students and alumni add to the Wabash experience, Robin and Gail Pebworth H'91, Khurram Tahir '01, Godfred Yemofio '01, Hongli Yang '15, Jayvis Gonsalves '18, Ahad Khan '19, Director of International Programs Amy Weir, and Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions Chris Dixon will collectively match gifts made to this challenge up to $2,210.

MentalHealth 125

Men’s mental health matters, and Counseling Center Director Jamie Douglas has served as Wabash’s strongest advocate. On her retirement, we celebrate her 13 years of faithful service to our campus. Ryan Hartzog ’88, Ron Dostal '92, and Tyler Wade '12 will give a combined $3,100 when this challenge reaches 113 gifts.

RolandMorin 111

In memory of Roland Morin '91, Hongli Yang '15, Jayvis Gonsalves '18, Spencer Newmister '19, Henry Wannemuehler '20, and Drew Stults '20 will collectively give $1,450 when the Wabash community steps up with 91 gifts. On 04.24.24, we celebrate his guidance of so many of us through our years at Wabash and into our careers and issue this challenge to elevate the continued work of Career Services for current and future students.

WabashDocs 89

Drs. John Roberts ’83 and Scott Douglas ’84 are retiring after 48 combined years as Wabash docs and to the Crawfordsville community. In celebration of their careers and service in addition to Dr. Keith Baird ’56 who preceded them, Sam Hildebrand ’61 and Peter Wright '81 along with classmates David Hayhurst ’83, Greg Miller ’83, Mike Sweeney ’83, Dan Taylor ’83, Andy Wilkinson ’83, Bill Havlin ’84, and Tom Jeffers '84 will give a combined $4,800 when this challenge reaches 48 gifts.

WomenFacultyStaff 112

To celebrate the considerable contributions of women faculty and staff, Dr. Melissa Butler H'85, Dr. Kay Widdows H'07, and Susan Dyer will match every dollar given to this challenge up to $2,000.

WomensCollective 91

When 300 women contribute to any affinity challenge today, the Wabash Women’s Collective will make a gift of $3,350. Let's celebrate our students and ensure they have the support to thrive during their time at Wabash and beyond. Visit wabash.edu/womenscollective to learn more about our inspiring group and how you can get involved. Together, let's make a lasting impact! #CelebrateWabash

Classics 98

Damus ut detis. Dan Emerson '98, Allen Yow '86, and Jeremy Walker '92 give so that others give. They'll match each dollar given to this challenge up to $3,500.

English 87

To recognize our English Department faculty who teach students to think critically in evaluating texts and communicate effectively in expressing themselves, Sean Granger '96 will give $500 when this challenge reaches 75 gifts. From those who give to this challenge, we'll draw one winner to receive a $50 gift certificate and tote bag from Tomorrow Bookstore in Indianapolis, owned and operated by Julie Breakey and Jake Budler '18.

GlobalHealth 141

The Global Health Initiative (GHI) provides life-changing opportunities for Wabash students to engage in experiential learning through local, regional, and international public health partnerships. To celebrate and support this important work, Dr. Phil Coons ’67, Linda Claffey, Dr. Sam Milligan ’68, Dr. Tim Hodges ’83, Dr. John Roberts ’83, Sarah Estell, Chris Amidon F.N.P., Dr. Bob Oppman ’88, Ben Seib ’02, Dr. Micah Smith ’03, and Dr. Todd Vogel ’04 challenge GHI Fellows, Global Health students and alumni, healthcare professionals, and supporters of this initiative to make a gift on 04.24.24. When this challenge reaches 25 gifts, they’ll give $3,450. At 50 gifts, they’ll contribute another $5,000. At 75 gifts, they’ll add $15,000. And when this challenge reaches 100 gifts, they’ll give $20,000.

PhiBetaKappa 72

To celebrate the 126th anniversary of the Indiana Beta Chapter and initiation of new members on May 10, Phi Beta Kappa members of the Wabash staff and faculty along with Ryan Martin '01 will match the first $750 given to this challenge.

Physics 48

A grant from the National Science Foundation to Dr. Jim Brown and the April 8 total solar eclipse have really shined a light on Wabash Physics. In celebration of the department’s continued excellence in teaching, Michael Lambert ’80 will match all gifts to this challenge up to $1,000.

Psychology 83

The Psychology Department faculty will give $500 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts on the 2024 Day of Giving.

Religion 60

Celebrating Dr. David Blix ‘70, Dr. Bill Placher ‘70, and Dr. Steve Webb ‘83 of Religion Department, Terry Archambeault and '06 Robert Bloss ‘09 will give a combined $500 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts.

Theater 111

On this Day of Giving, please show your support in celebration of your friendly neighborhood nationally-ranked College Theater (#12, Princeton Review 2023)! Every person who uses the #Theater code will have their name listed in our programs for the 2024-25 season as a Friend of Wabash Theater. If you wish to give anonymously, just leave a note in the comments section. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Ball in the Fall!


To celebrate our Wabash Democracy & Public Discourse Fellows, faculty and staff will give $500 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts, and Tom Fisher '91 will give an additional $1,000 when we reach 75 gifts.

Beta 264

Today, we celebrate the Beta brothers and families who have supported Tau Chapter since 1846. Those listed below challenge their fellow brothers, sweethearts, and family members to give to Wabash today. When this challenge reaches 75 gifts, Eric Schoettle '93 will give $500. At 125 gifts, John Castro '97 will add $500. When we reach 225 gifts, Jake German '11 will give another $500. At 325 gifts, Andrew Hecker '90 will give $1,000. And when this challenge reaches 400 gifts, Ross Dillard '07 will add another $1,000.

Delt 767

Delts, you can help unlock $7,700 in additional gifts on 04.24.24. For the first 67 gifts, the Delt Advisory Committee will celebrate our 67 undergraduate Brothers of the Beta Psi chapter by contributing $1,000. At 200 gifts, Dan Walters '79 will add another $1,000 in celebration of chemistry professors David Phillips H'83 and John Zimmerman H'67. At 300 gifts, Steve Wakefield '77 will celebrate biology professor William Doemel H'74 with a gift of $1,100. At 400 gifts, the Delt pledge class of '79 will add another $1,000 in celebration of their 45th Reunion. At 500 gifts, the Delt pledge classes of '77 and '78 will contribute $1,000 in tribute to Delt Brother and biology professor Tom Cole '58. At 603 gifts, members of 603WW Inc. will contribute a total of $1,300 in honor of Delt Brother and biology professor Austin Brooks '61. When this challenge reaches 700 gifts, Dan Walters '79 will add another $1,500 to celebrate the success of Wabash Delt Nation!


Contributing members:
Advisory team: Nick Prihoda '99, Dr. Austin Brooks ’61, Mark Elrod '99, Jake Bradley '01, Jeremy Vanscoy '03, Tony Quandt '04, and Jake Koeneman '06.
Classes of 1977-1979: Randy Allen ’77, Rick Batchelder ’77, Jim Evans ’77, Scott Gibbs ’77, Steve Wakefield ’77, David Benak ’78, Charles Candiano ’78, Gary Hanner ’78, Mark Noffsinger ’78, Larry Norris ’78, Donald Rossler ’78, Mark Stuaan ’78, Harvey Vandenburg ’78, Brad Ballentine ’79, Greg Fuchs ’79, Mike Doherty ’79, Ralph Dixon ’79, Tim McDonald ’79, Chong Ng ’79, Derek Roenfeldt ’79, Kevin Scheid ’79, Craig Schroer ’79, and Dan Walters ’79.
603 WW Inc board, committee, and members: Mike Shaver ’73, Chris Baker ‘74, Robert Chamness ‘75, Robert Betz ’75, Charley Hutchins ’76, Robert Mathews ’76, Allen Murphy ’76, Roger Wilson ’76, Jim Kipp ’81, John Murphy ’82, Mark Elrod ’99, Don Feeney ’07, Elliott Allen ’10, and Marcus Manges ’10.
FIJI 406

A group of Phi Gam alums have pledged $6,000 when FIJI brothers, partners, families, and friends make 350 gifts to this challenge. Persistence alone is omnipotent, so let's lead the way among the fraternities and celebrate how FIJI always supports Wabash.

Independents 135

Whether you lived on campus in a dorm or off campus in a house, in the DOG House, Martindale, or in Placher Lodge, Mike Hartman ’76, Dave Callecod ’89, Matt Vessely ’91, Mike Overdorf ’92, Taimur Baig ’94, and Beau Browning ’05 celebrate the loyalty of Independent Men. They'll give $5,000 when this challenge reaches 150 gifts.

KappaSigma 192

When 75 Kappa Sig Brothers, families, and friends make a gift to this challenge, Tom Welch ’94 will give $500. When we reach 100 gifts, Bill Fell '75 will add $500. At 125 gifts, Shari Martin P’27 will contribute $1,000. At 150 gifts, Lee Hargitt ’88 will give $1,000. And at 175 gifts, Ivan Green ’69 will contribute $3,000 to #CelebrateWabash.

LambdaChi 326

Lambda Chi Alpha's alumni leaders challenge all Alpha Kappa Zeta brothers, family, and friends to #CelebrateWabash on our 2024 Day of Giving. When this challenge reaches 375 gifts, Peter Durant ’70, Peter Wright '81, Mark Rutherford '82, Greg Estell ’85, Greg Castanias '87, Craig Miller ’97, Andy Rankin ’98, Derek Nelson ’99, Adam Packer '00, Ben Seib ’02, Kyle Coffey ’06, and Kyle Hayes ’09 will give a total of $9,900.

PhiDelt 328

Since 1850, Brothers of Indiana Beta have enjoyed life by the help and society of others. Brad Benbow ’83, Jim Dyer ’83, Jason Dyer ’85, Terry Riordan ’91, Greg Horman ’92, Bob Brady ’92, and Brian Zimmer ’93 challenge Phis and families to #CelebrateWabash by making a gift today to unlock a pledge pool of $10,142. When this challenge reaches 43 gifts, one for each active Brother, they’ll give $1,850 of that total. 174 gifts will unlock $3,000, and 300 gifts will unlock the remaining $5,292.

PhiDelt92 8

Mark Sutton '92 will #CelebrateWabash by matching gifts dollar for dollar from 1992 Phi Delt alumni up to $1,000.

PhiPsi 387

Live Ever, Die Never! When Phi Kappa Psi Brothers, familes, and friends make 275 gifts or more using the PhiPsi affinity code, Micah Smith ’03, Chris Bly ’06, Leo Priemer ’06, Boyd Haley '17, Adam Kashin '18, and Logan Kleiman ’18 will give $4,000. Let's beat last year's gift total and #CelebrateWabash!

SigmaChi 273

Sigma Chi alumni, families, and friends have long supported the college, and we ask you to #CelebrateWabash today. When this challenge reaches 65 gifts—one for each undergraduate Brother—Joel Tragesser '94 will give $250. When we reach 100 gifts, Herm Haffner '77 will contribute $500. At 125 gifts, Bill Havlin '84 will add another $500. At 150 gifts, Séamus Boyce '03 will give $1,000. At 175 gifts, Brian Tonner '84 will add $1,000. At 250 gifts, Mike Kelley '70 will give $2,000. UPDATE: And when we reach 275 gifts, Randy Moore '79 will give $5,000 to #CelebrateWabash and the Delta Chi chapter.

TKE 171

Jon Pactor '71, Mark Lazar '81, and Aaron Cook '06 will give a total of $1,500 when Fraters, friends, and family members make 150 gifts or more to the Tau Kappa Epsilon challenge.

ThetaDelt 128

The following brothers are challenging the rest of the Theta Delt alumni to meet 110 gifts on the 2024 Day of Giving to unlock $5,100: Ward Poulos '96, Jeff Nicoson '97, Chris Huffer '00, Ryan Clougherty '02, Todd Vogel '04, Jefferson Crew '05, Jim Leuck '09, Joel Bustamante '11, Jacob Surface '11, Jordan Ferguson '12, Matthew Meyer '12, Ian Baumgardner '14, and Bryan Arnold '14 celebrate our TDX Charge.

Chicago 54

Chicago is second to none when it comes to loyal alumni, parents, students, families, and friends. Steve Maynard '11, Nick Su '12, and Seton Goddard '15 will celebrate them by giving a total of $2,500 when this challenge receives 35 or more gifts. Join us in celebration after work at the New Line Tavern in the West Loop.

DMV 33

In the spirit of more than 400 Wabash alums, parents, and spouses in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC-area, the Wabash College Club of the DMV will contribute $20 for each gift made to this challenge up to 30 gifts. Please join us after work today to #CelebrateWabash at Blackfinn Ameripub, a block from the White House.

EvansvilleJasper 61

Wayne Hentrup ’84, Todd Shellenbarger ’87, Conor O’Daniel ’93, Todd Glass '84, Dr. Kyle Rapp ’95, Joe Hisch ’02, Peter DeYoung ’03, Jason Bunning ’06, and Brandon Roop ’06 challenge Evansville and Jasper-area alumni to beat last year’s record of 51 gifts to this challenge, at which point they’ll give $1,500 to #CelebrateWabash.

Indy 82

For more than a century, the Wabash Club of Indianapolis has proudly served our highest concentration of alumni and Wabash students, faculty, staff, parents, and families. To pledge our undying loyalty once again, our board will match dollars given to this challenge up to $2,500. And to celebrate, meet us after 4:24 p.m. at the Bulldog Lounge at 54th and College.

STL 37

Chris Davis ’98 and Jessi and Ken Farris ’12 will give $750 when 25 people use the St. Louis affinity code STL today. Join us on 04.24.24 at Llywelyn’s Irish Pub to #CelebrateWabash.

Class Year, Campus, & Parent Challenges

These challenges are calculated automatically as you specify your Class Year and Affiliation when making your gift.

View class year, campus, and parent challenge results on the Celebrations page:

Community Challenge Results

04.24.24 Celebrations

On our 2024 Day of Giving we have much to celebrate about Wabash. After making your gifts we invite you to keep the celebration going and tell the world a few words about the people, programs, and Wabash places that make the College so special.

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Recent #CelebrateWabash Gifts

We thank the alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have given today to support Wabash students on our 2024 Day of Giving. Please click here to view the complete #CelebrateWabash Honor Roll.

Below are the most recent gifts made today.

  • National Philanthropic Trust
  • Charlie Esterline 2021
  • Justin Banks 1998
  • Emily Vetne
  • Steven Wakefield 1977
  • Thomas Petska 1970
  • Larry Landis 1967
  • Jim Evans 1977
  • Andy Ward 2027
  • Brent K & Nancy Sutton 1962
  • Randall Conkright 2001
  • Joshua Lopez 2010
  • Emmanuel Aouad 2010
  • Maggy Traynom Honorary
  • Carroll Birk 1977
  • Carl Gibson 1974
  • Judy Pfledderer 2024
  • byron beebe 1991
  • john fields 1996
  • Jake Budler 2017
  • Julie Henke
  • Eric Bannec 1987
  • Kimberly Winter 2021
  • Beau Barrett 1998

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Visit the About 04.24.24 page to learn more about Wabash’s 2024 Day of Giving. There you can download official Day of Giving images for social media and view FAQs about making your gift, maximizing its impact, and sharing with the world how you #CelebrateWabash.


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