We made history for Wabash students on our 10th Day of Giving.

Unlock more than $510,000 in Challenge Gifts for #AlwaysWabash

Update: Additional Wabash leaders have issued a Surprise Challenge of $210,000 if we reach $10 million raised over our 10 Days of Giving.

Lead Challenge: Make 5,010 Gifts Today!

A group of leaders is offering $510,000 in support of Wabash students as a challenge to the Wabash Nation to reach 5,010 gifts in a single day. Unlock five amounts of the challenge as we take these five giant steps below.

Gifts Received: 6,939
Gift Goal: 5,010

1,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

2,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

3,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

4,000 Gifts unlocks $100,000

5,010 Gifts unlocks $110,000

Surprise Challenge: Reach $10 Million over 10 Days of Giving

Make history by helping us reach $10 million raised over our 10 Days of Giving.
$10 million unlocks an additional $210,000!

Given: $10,338,765
Goal: $10,000,000
103% - $210,000 unlocked!

A special thanks to our Lead Challenge donors:

  • Jay ’79 and Susan Allen
  • Steve ’68,P’99 and Joanie P’07 Bowen
  • Chris ’81 and Trish Braun
  • Greg ’87 and Jane Castanias
  • Kip ’03 and Nicole Chase
  • Chad ’00 and Maheen Cleaver
  • Jim ’85 and Jane Davlin
  • Greg ’85 and Sarah Estell
  • Jennifer Evans P’15 and Jack Tankersley
  • Eric ’94 and Amanda Eversole
  • Scott and Wendy Feller
  • Brian and Holli Harrington P’22,’24
  • Jim ’95 and Rem Hawskworth
  • Wayne ’84 and Sandy Hentrup
  • Ray Jovanovich ’84 and Belinda Puncia Jovanovich
  • Phil and Colleen Kenney P’13,’18
  • Josh ’99 and Monica Kline
  • Frank ’82 and Lisa Kolisek P’11,’14
  • Tony ’03 and Angela Unfried
  • Tom ’73 and Anne Walsh
  • Jeremy Wentzel ’14
  • Bill ’83 and Carol Wheeler
  • Pete ’84 and Melani Wilson
  • Paul ’75 and Betty Woolls

Our sincere gratitude to our Surprise Challenge donors:

  • John ’61 and JoAnn Birdzell
  • Ron Dostal ’92
  • Rob Dyer ’13
  • Bob ’78 and Melody Grand P’08,’11
  • Gregory H’19 and Lora H’15 Hess
  • Peter ’68 and Carroll Kennedy P’11,’16
  • Andrew ’90 and Amy Miller P’22,’24
  • Andrew Naugle ’97 and Corley Hughes
  • Spencer Newmister ’19
  • Cory ’85 and Leigh Olson
  • Jeff Perkins ’89
  • Kelly Pfledderer ’96 and Jennifer Jones
  • Gary ’77 and Joanne Reamey
  • Rob ’92 and Leigh Anne Rudicel P’19,’20
  • John ’69 and Diane H’99 Schroeder P’99
  • David ’70 and Anne Shane
  • Joe Turk Jr. ’89
  • Jonathan ’98 and Vanessa Walsh
  • Kathy and Rob Wunderlich P’18,’21

Affinity Challenges

When an individual or group sets up an Affinity Challenge, they “challenge” others in their circles to make a gift on the 10th Day of Giving. If you help them meet their goals, they will make a gift for the pledged amount.

Lead an Affinity Challenge, put your money on the line, and inspire people from your class, living unit, city, campus organizations, and beyond. By reaching your friends and networks, you make a bigger impact on students’ lives.

All gifts to Athletics affinity challenges will support the Athletic Director’s Fund to strengthen all our teams and facilities.

Code Gifts Challenges
Baseball 72

With Henry Wannemuehler ’20 on first, Justin Vander Iest ’06 on second, and an anonymous donor on third, Mike Axel ’89 steps to the plate ready to smash a walk-off grand slam for #AlwaysWabash. They’ll match every gift to this challenge up to $8,250. 

Basketball 196

Let’s celebrate the 2022-23 Little Giants winning the NCAC Championship for a second-straight year! Head Coach Kyle Brumett, Beau Barrett ’98, Chase Haltom ’10, Brian Shelbourne ’12, Derek Bailey ’12, Matt Kaczkowski ’13, Colten Craigin ’13, Kasey Oetting ’15, Marcus Kammrath ’16, Dan Purvlicis ’16, and Dalton Vachon ’19 have put up a total of $11,000 to challenge alumni, parents, students, and supporters of Wabash basketball. A slam dunk (50 gifts to this challenge) unlocks $3,000. The trey from downtown (100 gifts) unlocks $3,000. And the buzzer-beater (150 gifts) nets an additional $5,000.

Football 299

For 137 seasons, with more than 700 wins, from All-Americans to conference championships, thrilling Monon Bell games to playoff runs, Little Giant Football has always provided crisp, fall Saturdays with an enduring Wabash spirit. When this challenge reaches 137 gifts, Head Coach Don Morel will give $500. When we reach 150 gifts, members of the 2012 team along with Jim Snyder ’82, Offensive Line Coach Olmy Olmstead ’04, Brad Boas ‘06, and Austin Hodges '13 will give more than $4,500.

Golf 81

To honor the first season for Coach Justin Kopp '21 and team first-place finishes at the Forest Hills Invite and the Music City Shootout, Dow Dellinger '93, Bill Kepler '93, Chris Carpenter ’96, Chip Timmons ’96, Todd Vogel ’04, and Jake German ’11 will give $1,400 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts.

Lacrosse 29

In just two seasons, Coach Chris Burke has built a competitive Lacrosse program with a solid team culture. To lend their support, David Pippen ’91 P’26 and Bruce McGar '72 will match every gift to this challenge up to $1,950. Watch the team take on Wittenberg at Fischer Field at 4 p.m. #AlwaysWabash

RedPackTrack&Field 124

Men Of Wabash, Nothing Breaks Us! Emmanuel Aouad ’10, Coach Clyde Morgan, and Coach Tyler McCreary will give $700 when this challenge reaches 100 gifts.

Soccer 50

To celebrate the Little Giants' 8th straight consecutive full season with 10 wins or more, Scott Schroeder ’99, Dan Cueller ’83, and Bruce McGar ’72, will give $10 for each gift made to this challenge. #AlwaysWabash

SwimDive 132

To celebrate Coach Will Bernhardt, new school records, and All-Conference swims, when this challenge receives 25 gifts, Zech Banks ’16 and Clayton Highum ’16 will give a total of $250. When we reach 50 gifts, Steve Whitaker '86 will give $1,000. At 75 gifts, Leo Priemer ’06 will add $1,500. And when we reach 100 gifts, Robin and Coach Gail Pebworth H'91 will contribute $3,000. #AlwaysWabash

Tennis 34

Byron Lamm ’79, Bill Fell ’75, and Lee Hargitt '88 are always game to support Wabash Tennis and are all set to match dollars given to this challenge up to $1,500.

Volleyball 26

Coach Ryan Bowerman ’11, Billy Powers ’12, and Bruce McGar ’72 celebrate the third season of Little Giant Volleyball. They’ll match all gifts to this challenge up to $600.

Wrestling 108

Wabash Wrestling notched another great year in 2022-23! Six Wabash men were National Qualifiers, two finished as All-Americans and Jack Heldt '23 is the heavyweight National Champion and Most Dominant Wrestler. Since 2014, Wabash Wrestling has always logged a top 10 Nationals place. The team would like to purchase video equipment and monitors for review in practices in addition to full-stance wall figures recognizing our National Champions and for motivation to our team. Dr. Anthony Inzerello '93 Dr. Dan Emerson '98, Dr. Chris Healy '05, Drew McCoy '05, Adam Miller '05, David Miller 'P05, and Dr. Garrett Thiel '08 will match every dollar given to the Wrestling challenge, up to $100 per donor.  

Bachelor 115

Always the student voice of Wabash since 1908, The Bachelor ranks #4 nationally as best college newspaper and swept the Indiana Collegiate Press Association awards in its division earlier this month. In recognition and appreciation, Ben Beringer '87, Chris Rowland '94, Ezra Ball '96, and Adam Alexander '16 will give a total of $5,000 when this challenge reaches 75 gifts.

GleeClub 118

For 131 years, the Glee Club has always provided harmony to campus and beyond. Ivan Green '69, Stephen Pavy '81, and Richard Bowen invite Glee Club members, family, and friends to join in the chorus with 80 gifts on the 10th Day of Giving and will provide accompaniment to the tune of $5,000.  

LaAlianza 36
La Alianza empowers Hispanic students and those connected with the Hispanic culture to express their culture, to foster brotherhood, and to become the leaders of tomorrow. David '57 and Nancy Orr and Chris Roman '18 will match each dollar given to this challenge up to $1,250.
La Alianza empodera a nuestros estudiantes Hispanos y aquellos que se sienten conectados con la cultura Hispana a expresar su cultura, crear hermandad, y convertirse en los lideres de mañana. David '57 y Nancy Orr y Chris Roman '18 igualaran cada dolar dado a este desafio hasta $1,250.
MXIBS153 102

#AlwaysWabash is real! The Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies has thrived for over 53 years. Out of respect for the commitment, dedication, and tenacity of our first Directors, Dr. Peter Frederick H’92 and Horace Turner H’76, this affinity challenge is offered. Once 153 gifts, of at least $10 are submitted, current Director Steven Jones ’87 will give $1,000 to Wabash in support of the Turner Fund to continue the significant work that produces meaningful member outcomes. With your continued funding, we have also been able to support our members with their internship experiences by assisting with housing expenses in Chicago, Indy, and DC. As an example, this assistance contributed to all Class of 2021 members of the MXIBS having their First Destination (job, grad school admittance) secured within 3 weeks of commencement. There is a Return on Your Investment!


PhiBetaKappa 75

Then, now, always, Phi Beta Kappa has recognized excellence in the Liberal Arts at Wabash College. To celebrate the upcoming 125th anniversary of the Indiana Beta Chapter, the Phi Beta Kappa members of the Wabash staff and faculty along with Ryan Martin '01 will give $1,700 to pay this year's initiates' dues when this challenge receives 75 gifts. 

Rugby 35

Wabash Rugby heads to Washington D.C. for the national tournament on April 27-30 and is showing dominance in the spring season. We know those who love the Wabash Rugby Team are always supportive, so Erik Ness ’94 will match every dollar given to this challenge up to $3,000. 

SphinxClub 109

Wabash Always Fights! Brian Beesley '88, Nick Roth '88, Ross Dillard '07, and Kyle Hayes '09 will give a cheer and a total of $4,082 when this challenge reaches 102 gifts. 

WabashChristianMen 64

Wabash Christian Men is an example of how Wabash always provides space for men of like-minded faith to build a brotherhood. Pete Allen '73, Brad Benbow '83, Brandon Roop '06, Jordan Brewer '11, and Andrew Forrester '11, will collectively match each dollar given to this challenge up to $2,375.

shOUT 124

Representing 30 years of 'shOUT on campus, co-founder Randall Cole '92, Ron Dostal '92, Marc Nichols '92 and Jamie Collins, Dr. Warren Rosenberg H '98, Chris Roman '18, Corey Leuters '19 and Zach McKinney '22 will give a total of $6,454.19 when this challenge reaches 95 gifts. #AlwaysWabash

DeanMoore 82

The Class of '69 established the Dean Moore Scholarship Fund in 2013 to assist students of need.  Recognizing Norman Moore, who served as the Wabash Dean of Students from 1955 to 1984, the class has set up a pledge pool to match any gift dollar-for-dollar to this challenge up to $400. Since 2013, the Dean Moore Scholarship has assisted two to four students each year for their tuition. #AlwaysWabash

FirstGen 63

Wabash has always provided life-changing opportunities to those who are first in their families to attend college. Today, approximately 30% of our students, 20% of our staff, and more than half of our administration with Dean in their title are first-generation college students. To honor our first-generation students, alumni, faculty, staff, families, and friends, Jacob Burnett ’15, Susan Dyer P’13, and Hugh Vandivier ’91 will match each dollar given to this challenge up to a total of $1,500.

International 50

Celebrating a record 25 freshmen and the immense contributions international students and alumni have always contributed to the Wabash experience, Godfred Yemofio ’01, Khurram Tahir ’01, Hongli Yang '15, Jayvis Gonsalves ’18, Ahad Khan ’19, Director of International Programs Amy Weir, and Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions Chris Dixon will collectively match gifts made to this challenge up to $2,140.

MaryTowell 72

For more than 25 years, Mary Towell has been the face of the Admissions Office. She's the first person to greet visitors and, according to our database, has created 3,058 personalized visits for prospective students over the last 5 years. In recognition of her service to Wabash and our thousands of guests, a group of current and former Admissions Office colleagues have pledged $3,058 if this challenge receives 100 gifts using the code MaryTowell. #AlwaysWabash

MentalHealth 116

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, yet it's often overlooked and stigmatized in our society. That's why Director of Pre-College Programs Tyler Wade '12 asks all alumni, students, families, and friends to make a gift today and show your support in raising awareness for mental health at Wabash. When this challenge beats last year's total of 83 gifts, T. Wade will give $419 to show that Wabash Always Fights the stigma. 

Morillo 73

From literally writing the (text)book on world history to Cartooning 101 to Quiz Bowl to the Noon Basketball League, Dr. Stephen Morillo H'91 has always made his mark on the Wabash community since 1989. To honor his 34 years of teaching, Dr. David Stone ’91, Phil ’01 and Kristin Kesler, and Hongli Yang '15 will give $1,750 when this challenge reaches 34 gifts. 

RoggeMclean 20

Just as economist Dr. Benjamin A. Rogge H'53 and political science professor Dr. Ed McLean always challenged us to think critically, Byron Lamm ’79 challenges their former students to support Wabash on the 10th Day of Giving. He’ll match dollars made to this challenge up to $500.

SherryRoss 129

For 23 years, anxious students summoned to the Dean of Students' Office could always count on a warm welcome from Sherry Ross H'04. She’s become a confidant, trusted friend, and loyal supporter of them and the entire Wabash community. To honor how Sherry has always been there for Wabash students, Tom ’68 and Roselie Bambrey, Mike ’85 and Julie Raters and family (Josh ’16 and Morgan Bleisch, Justin ’19 and Reilly, Joel and Kinzie, Greg Redding ’88, Tom ’71 and Carol Runge H'71, Mike ’93 and Kim Warren, and Heather Thrush will match every dollar made to this challenge up to $2,300. The Intrafraternity Council will also pledge $505 for every Greek student with gratitude for Sherry’s service to Wabash. 

StevenJones 39

Last week, Steward Speakers honored Dean Steven Jones ’87 as a Change Maker in Education for his lifetime commitment to the education of our youth. President Scott Feller, joined by Steven’s senior-staff colleagues, invite you to honor Wabash’s Director of Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies and Dean for Professional Development with your gift on this 10th Day of Giving.

WomenFacultyStaff 63

To honor Professors Lorraine McCrary, Karen Quandt, Sujata Saha, and Erika Sorensen-Kamakian who were all granted tenure, Dr. Melissa Butler H'85 and Dr. Kay Widdows H'07 encourage women faculty and staff to support Wabash on this 10th Day of Giving.They'll match every dollar given to this challenge up to $1,000. #AlwaysWabash

WomenforWabash 100

First Lady Wendy Feller recognizes that the impact of our College always extends far beyond our students and alumni to an amazing collection of women who are passionate about the Wabash experience. Wendy asks all women whose lives have been touched by Wabash to join her today in supporting Wabash students. Wendy will match every dollar given to this challenge up to $2,000.

Classics 83

Damus ut detis. Dan Emerson '98, Allen Yow '86, and Jeremy Walker '92 give so that others give. They'll match each dollar given to this challenge up to $6,000. #AlwaysWabash

English 66

Every Wabash scholar knows the sound of the Center Hall staircase, announcing their ascent to the English Department. This space and its ageless soundscape has always been a touchstone. Our individual journeys into literature intersect at this staircase. To honor a common experience that is uniquely ours, the English Department will send a bookmark depicting the iconic stairs of Center Hall to each person making a gift to this challenge today. May this image mark your ongoing journey through literature, always ascending.  

GlobalHealth 107

The Global Health Initiative (GHI) provides life-changing opportunities for Wabash students to engage in experiential learning through local, regional, and international public health partnerships. To support this important work, Dr. Sam Milligan '68, Sarah Estell, Dr. Tim Hodges '83, Dr. Bob Oppman '88, Dr. Phil Coons '67, Dr. Todd Vogel '04, Anne and Stephen Jay '63, Dr. John Roberts '83, and Chris Amidon R.N. will match up to $18,450 when gifts include the GlobalHealth code. #AlwaysWabash

Religion 34

To honor Dr. Stephen Webb '83, Dr. Bill Placher '70, and the tremendous work the Religion Department always produces, Terry Archambeault '05 will match every dollar given to this challenge up to $200. 

Theater 75

On this Day of Giving, please show your support of your friendly neighborhood nationally-ranked College Theater (#21, Princeton Review 2022)! Every person who uses the Theater code will have their name listed in our programs for the 2023-24 season as a Friend of Wabash Theater. If you wish to give anonymously, just leave a note in the comments section. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Ball in the Fall! Incidentally, tonight is also opening night of the final production of our Season of Comedy: Robert Askins' beyond-outrageous Hand to God. Reserve your tickets at www.wabash.edu/boxoffice. #AlwaysWabash


To support opportunities for Wabash Democracy & Public Discourse Fellows, faculty and staff will give $350 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts and an additional $1,000 when we reach 100 gifts. #AlwaysWabash

Beta 404

Beta brothers and families have always supported Tau Chapter since 1846. Those listed below challenge their fellow brothers, sweethearts, and family members to give to Wabash today. When this challenge reaches 50 gifts, Stephen Fenton ’15 will give $250. At 75 gifts, Jake German ’11 will give $500. At 100 gifts, John Castro ’97 will give $500. Eric Schoettle ’93 will add another $500 when we reach 125 gifts. Matt Olivarez ’08 will contribute $1,000 at 150 gifts. Adam Collins '02 will add $1,500 when we reach 175 gifts. And when this challenge reaches 200 gifts, Ross Dillard ’07 will give $1,000.

Delt 636
Delts, you can help unlock $5,500 in additional gifts this year. For the first 100 gifts, an anonymous Delt alumnus will give $500. When we reach 200 gifts, the Alumni Advisory team will give a combined $1,000. When we reach 300 gifts, the 603WW board and committee members will give a combined $1,000. At 400 gifts, the Class of 1979 will give a combined $1,000. And when we exceed 500 gifts, Dan Walters '79 and Steve Wakefield '77 will give $1,000 each for #AlwaysWabash.
Contributing members of the Advisory team are Nick Prihoda '99, Mark Elrod '99, Matt Dickerson '00, Jake Bradley '01, Jeremy Vanscoy '03, Tony Quandt '04, and Jake Koeneman '06. Contributing members of the 603 WW Inc board, committee and members: Chris Baker ‘74, Rick Batchelder ‘77, David Benak ‘78, Steve Wakefield ‘77, Charley Hutchins ‘76, Robert Matthews ‘76, Richard Sword ‘76, William Hill ‘76, Marcus Manges ‘10, Donald Feeney ‘07, Jim Evans ‘77, Mark Noffsinger ‘78, Jim Kipp ‘81, Larry Norris ‘78, Brian Hutchins ‘78, Roger Wilson’ 76, Randy Allen ‘77, Dan Walters ‘79, Robert Chamness ‘75, Charles Candiano ‘78. Contributing members of the Class of 1979 are Brad Ballentine, Ralph Dixon, Craig Schroer, Chong Ng, Greg Fuchs, Tim McDonald, Kevin Scheid, Mike Doherty, and Dan Walters.
FIJI 346

A group of Phi Gam alums have pledged $9,500 when FIJI brothers, partners, families, and friends make 300 gifts to this challenge. Persistence alone is omnipotent, so let's lead the way among the fraternities and show that FIJI always supports Wabash. 

Independents 124

Whether you lived on campus in a dorm or off campus in a house, in the DOG House or in the newly named Class of '66 Lodge, Matt Vessely ’91 and Taimur Baig ’94 know that Independent Men are always loyal. They'll give $850 when this challenge reaches 85 gifts.

KappaSigma 158

When 50 Kappa Sig Brothers, families, and friends make a gift to this challenge, Bill Fell '79 and Tom Welch ’94 will each give $500. When we reach 75 gifts, Lee Hargitt ’88 will give $1,000. At 100 gifts, Ivan Green ’69 will add $2,000. And at 100 gifts, Jack Littrell ’94 will give $2,500 to #AlwaysWabash.

LambdaChi 352

Lambda Chi Alpha's alumni leaders challenge all Alpha Kappa Zeta brothers, family, and friends to be #AlwaysWabash on our 10th Day of Giving. When this challenge reaches 250 gifts Ted Grossnickle ’73, Peter Wright ’81, Mark Rutherford ‘82, Greg Estell ‘85, Greg Castanias ‘87, Craig Miller ‘97, Andy Rankin ‘98, Derek Nelson ‘99, John Cox ‘00, Adam Packer ‘00, Ben Seib ‘02, Tony Unfried ‘03, Adam Miller ‘05, and Kyle Coffey ’06 will give a total of $10,000.

PhiDelt 235

Since 1850, Brothers of Indiana Beta have always been united in the Bond, each generation supporting the next. When we reach 225 unique donors, Brad Benbow ’83, Jim Dyer ’83, Jason Dyer ’85, Brian Zimmer ’93, Joe Gracia '01, Evan Griner ’11, Nick Ramsey ’11, and Eric Henderson ’13 will collectively donate $12,750.

PhiDelt92 9

Mark Sutton '92 will match gifts for #AlwaysWabash dollar for dollar from 1992 Phi Delt alumni up to $1,000. 

PhiPsi 265

Live Ever, Die Never! When Phi Kappa Psi Brothers, family, and friends make 159 gifts or more using the PhiPsi affinity code, Alan Pyle '67, Mike Simmons '88, Jeff Sostak '06, Ken Farris '12, Jacob Stone '17, and Logan Kleiman '18 will give $5,600. Let's beat last year's gift total and celebrate #AlwaysWabash!

SigmaChi 245

Sigma Chi alumni, families, and friends have long supported the College, and we ask you to be #AlwaysWabash today. When this challenge reaches 50 gifts, Joel Tragesser '94 will give $250. At 75 gifts, Bill Havlin '84 and Seamus Boyce '03 will each give $500. When we reach 100 gifts, Brian Tonner '84 will add $1,000. At 150 gifts, Herm Haffner '77 will contribute $1,000. At 200 gifts, the Sigma Chi Housing Corp. will add $1,000. And when we reach 225 gifts, Mike Kelley '70 will give $2,000.  

TKE 148

Aaron Cook '06 and Jon Pactor '71 will give a total of $1,500 when 125 Fraters, friends, and family members make 125 gifts or more to the Tau Kappa Epsilon challenge.

ThetaDelt 104

The following brothers are challenging the rest of the Theta Delt alumni to meet 100 gifts on the 10th Day of Giving to unlock $6,100: Bert Bunton '01, Ryan Clougherty '02, Chris Huffer '00, Todd Vogel '04, Jim Leuck '09, Jordan Ferguson '12, Kyle O'Keefe '08, Ward Poulos '96, Jefferson Crew '05, Ian Baumgardner '14, Jacob Surface '11, Matthew Meyer '12, Joel Bustamante '11, Sam Surgalski '18, David Zimmerman '93, and Bryan Arnold '14 are always proud of our TDX Charge.  

WolcottMorris 17

Honoring the Wabash men who lived in Wolcott and Morris Halls, Michael Lambert '80 will match the first $1,000 in gifts to this challenge. 

Chicago 36

Chicago is always second to none when it comes to loyal alumni, parents, students, families, and friends. Charlie Bell ’66, Steve Maynard ’11, and Seton Goddard ’15 will give $2,000 when this challenge receives 40 or more gifts.

EvansvilleJasper 49

Wayne Hentrup ’84, Todd Shellenbarger ’87, Conor O’Daniel ’93, Dr. Kyle Rapp ’95, Joe Hisch ’02, and Brandon Roop ’06 challenge Evansville and Jasper-area alumni to beat last year’s record of 46 gifts to this challenge, at which point they’ll give $1,500 for #AlwaysWabash.

Indy 53

For more than a century, the Wabash Club of Indianapolis has proudly served our highest concentration of alumni and Wabash students, faculty, staff, parents, and families.To pledge our undying loyalty once again, our board will match dollars given to this challenge up to $2,000. Board member Seamus Boyce '03 will add $400. And to celebrate #AlwaysWabash, meet us after 4:00 p.m. at Upland Brewing Company at 49th and College.

STL 22

The Wabash Club of St. Louis Board along with Kathy and Rob Wunderlich P'18, P'21 will give $1,250 when 25 people use the St. Louis affinity code STL today. Join us at StilL 630 at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 1 to welcome President and Wendy Feller to the Gateway City. #AlwaysWabash

Class Year, Campus, & Parent Challenges

These challenges are calculated automatically as you specify your Class Year and Affiliation when making your gift.

Then and Now

On the 10th Day of Giving anniversary, we celebrate the life-changing moments from Days of Giving past and how they support students then, now, and always. Take a look at the cumulative impact of our Days, all-time class and living unit leaderboards, and more. As you relive your favorite memories, share your own online using #AlwaysWabash.

Recent #AlwaysWabash Gifts

We thank the alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have given today to support Wabash students on our 10th Day of Giving. Please click here to view the complete #AlwaysWabash Honor Roll.

Below are the most recent gifts made today.

  • Dave Krattebol 1966
  • Sam Long 2025
  • Cooper Jacks 2024
  • Bob Charles 1959
  • Greg Slisz 2010
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Philip Miller 1964
  • Kristofer Klondaris 2012
  • P. J. Tyson 2011
  • Melissa & Jeff Moore 2019
  • Rick Cavanaugh 1976
  • Seamus Boyce 2003
  • Beau Barrett 1998
  • Hugh Vandivier 1991
  • Chris Rai 2015
  • Joel Suba
  • Nelson Flynn 1971
  • John Oesterle 1968
  • Min Chen 1992
  • Robin Hammer
  • Robin Hammer
  • Robert Nyikos 1974
  • Derek Roenfeldt 1979
  • Katie Mott 2024

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