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Class Year Challenges

Class Year Goal Gifts Pledge
1959 30 12 Roger Billings will give $2,000 when his '59 classmates make 30 gifts today.
1964 50 32 Wally Wabash is challenging the Class of 1964 to make a gift on today's Day of Giving. When the Class of 1964 reaches 50 gifts Wally will give $500 to Wabash.
1966 50 78 In support of the 55 for '66 Lodge Challenge, Jay Fisher will add $20 to each person's gift, up to $1,000 total. Let's get at least 55 gifts as we go All for One Wabash!
1967 67 50 Class Agent Earl Hauck is pledging $5 each for the first 67 classmates of the Class of 1967 making a gift on 4.08.
1972 72 39 If the Class of '72 make 72 gifts today, Rick Fobes will give $500 in the spirit of #AllforOneWabash.
1976 65 Rob Matthews '76, Fred Miller '76, and Rick Cavanaugh '76 will match up to $25 of gifts made by a member of the Class of 1976 on 4.08 Day of Giving, #AllforOneWabash.
1981 65 In honor of the Class of 1981's 40th reunion celebration, Trustee Chris Braun '81 will match the first $100 contributed by each member of the Class.
1983 100 120 The Class of 1983 is #AllforOneWabash and honors the memory of two great Little Giants, Jim Dimos and Dr. David Phillips H'83. To celebrate these gentlemen and their incredible Wabash legacy, Greg Miller, Dan Taylor, and Susan Dyer will add $11 to each gift for the first 100 gifts to this challenge.
1984 50 63 Class Agent Bill Havlin will give $10 per gift by a classmate up to 50 gifts.
1987 100 108 After being cooped up for a year, it's that time again for the Class of 1987 to spread the fame of her honored name wherever the breezes blow. Anthony Hart will add $5 to any gift made by a member of the class, up to 100 gifts. *If you're an Independent, please give to that challenge, too, and be counted twice!
1989 100 91 Co-Class Agent Chris Bojrab will give $10 for every member of the class of 1989 who makes a contribution up to $1,000.
1991 75 175 Celebrating the 30th reunion of the "Largest Class to Matriculate and Graduate from Wabash College," the Class of '91 is #AllforOneWabash. Any classmate making a gift today and attending our reunion on Oct. 16 will receive a commemorative t-shirt. In addition, the following will each donate $121 (30+'91) when 75 classmates give today: Class Agents Kip Aitken, Erik Dafforn, and Mike Langford along with Chuck Andrews, Brent Bolick, Chris Cotton, Michael Cunningham, Jeff Grabill, Troy Hockemeyer, Kevin Holle, Kim Jackson, John Keith, Lance More, Roland Morin, Tim Oliver, Hugh Vandivier, and Tom Watson.
1995 38 60 Class Agents Kyle Rapp MD and Joseph Samreta, along with Reunion Chairs Jim Hawksworth and Jeff Cunningham, challenge the Class of 1995 to eclipse our individual donors in honor of our 25th class reunion. If 38 classmates go #AllforOneWabash today, they'll give an additional $850 from their pockets to the College.
2000 50 45 Chad Cleaver and Jon Haug are #AllforOneWabash pledging $50 per gift by a classmate up to $2,500.
2001 38 You know Joe Trebley is #AllforOneWabash! For each gift a classmate makes on 4.08, he'll give $2.
2003 100 79 J.T. Hoke and Josh Tatum of the Class of Aught Three will give $10 for every gift from a classmate, up to $1,000.
2005 67 Beau Browning, Nathan Dinger, and Corey Asay will match dollars given by their classmates up to $1,350.
2006 60 83 To celebrate the Class of 2006's 15th reunion, Matt Schulz will give $5,000 when this challenge reaches 60 gifts.
2007 70 74 Challenging the Class of '07 to go #AllforOneWabash, Ross Dillard and Kay Widdows will give $10 for each gift made by a classmate, up to $700.
2011 75 81 Ten years already? Andrew Forrester and Jake German challenge the Class of 2011 to go #AllforOneWabash by giving $10 for each of the first 75 gifts made by their classmates today.
2013 94 Rob Dyer will match the first $2,013 in gifts by his class of 2013, who are #AllForOneWabash today.
2016 100 142 In recognition of 2016's fifth reunion this fall, Patrick Bryant will donate $5 for the first 100 gifts made by classmates on 4.08.

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Parents Advisory Committee Members & Challengers

Jenny and Joe Annee P'21,P'22, Sandy and Gary Bacon '88 P'23, Jennifer and Ron Bigler '85 P'22, Sarah Crossman-Sullivan and Chris Sullivan P'23, Kelley and Mike Ferguson P'22, Sarah and David Hartkemeier P'21, Betsy and Bill Harvey P'21, Michelle and Dan Hogan P'21,P'23, Paula and Bruce Kopp P'21, Cynthia and Larry Madson P'24, Kate and David Makled P'24, Jennifer and Mark Page P'18,P'21,P'22, Deidre and Thomas Pettinga P'23, Erika and Edreece Redmond P'24, Leigh and Rob Rudicel '92 P'19,P'20, Carol H'71 and Tom Runge '71 P'94,G'24, Susan and Grant Russel P'20, Clare and Kevin Wallace P'20,P'21, and Kathy and Rob Wunderlich P'18,P'21.