Unlock $520,000 in Challenge Gifts on 4.08

Wabash stands to receive $520,000 for students and their life-changing education from a group of Wabash leaders. Give to unlock portions of the Lead Challenge in gifts for each of the eight challenges throughout the day.

Completed Challenges:

All for One - Student Response Fund

All Day

Gift Goal: 800

Dollars to Unlock: $80,000


Gifts using the Student Response Fund affinity code will apply to this challenge throughout the day.
Gifts Received: 910

Student Participation

All Day

Gift Goal: 800

Dollars to Unlock: $80,000


Gifts from the Wabash student body will apply to this challenge throughout the day.
Gifts Received: 819

Parents Challenge

All Day

Gift Goal: 400

Dollars to Unlock: $40,000


When current and past parents of Wabash alumni make a gift and check the "Parents" box, their gifts will count toward this challenge.
Gifts Received: 782

Early Bird

First 800 gifts

Gift Goal: 800

Dollars to Unlock: $80,000


The first 800 gifts on the Day of Giving will count toward unlocking this challenge.
Gifts Received: 1140

Chapel Challenge

11:00 AM EDT

Gift Goal: 800

Dollars to Unlock: $80,000


All gifts made after this challenge begins will count toward unlocking this challenge.
Gifts Received: 852

Athletics Period

2:00 PM EDT

Gift Goal: 400

Dollars to Unlock: $40,000


Gifts using any Athletics Affinity Codes after this challenge begins counts toward unlocking this challenge gift.
Gifts Received: 408

Affinity Hour

6:30 PM EDT

Gift Goal: 400

Dollars to Unlock: $40,000


Gifts using any Affinity Code after this challenge begins counts toward unlocking this challenge gift.
Gifts Received: 806

Living Unit Challenge

9:00 PM EDT

Gift Goal: 800

Dollars to Unlock: $80,000


Gifts using any Living Unit Code after this challenge begins counts toward unlocking this challenge gift.
Gifts Received: 1290

A special thanks to our 4.08 Day of Giving Lead Challenge donors:

  • Jay '79 and Susan Allen
  • Steve '68 and Joanie Bowen
  • Chris '81 and Trish Braun
  • Chad '00 and Maheen Cleaver
  • Drew '91 and MJ Crousore
  • Ron Dostal '92
  • Greg '85 and Sarah Estell
  • Jennifer Evans P'16 and Jack Tankersley
  • Eric '94 and Amanda Eversole
  • Scott and Wendy Feller
  • Bob '78 and Melody Grand
  • Gregory H'19 and Lora H'15 Hess
  • Ray Jovanovich '84 and Belinda Puncia Jovanovich
  • Peter '68 and Carroll Kennedy
  • Phil and Colleen Kenney
  • Cory '85 and Leigh Olson
  • Kelly Pfledderer '96 and Jennifer Jones
  • Tim '86 and Tessa Oakes
  • John '69 and Diane H'99 Schroeder
  • David '70 and Anne Shane
  • Rob Sherwin '75 and Kristin Willard
  • Chris '87 and Jamie Stephenson
  • Richard '62 and Stacie Stephenson
  • Shawn '98 and Morgan Stephenson
  • Tom '73 and Anne Walsh
  • Bill '83 and Carol Wheeler
  • Paul '75 and Betty Woolls
  • Rana Yared and Mark Weaver

Affinity Challenges

When an individual or group sets up an Affinity Challenge, they "challenge" others with whom they are associated to make a gift on 4.08. If you help them meet the challenge, they will make a gift for the pledged amount.

Lead an Affinity Challenge, put your money on the line, and inspire people from your class, living unit, metro area, student organizations, and beyond. By reaching your friends and networks, you make a bigger impact when you help be #AllforOneWabash.

All gifts made to Athletics affinity challenges will support an Athletic Director's Fund to strengthen all our teams and facilities.

If you are interested in launching an Affinity Challenge, please submit this short web form here. After completing the form, we will review the details and provide a challenge code that you can share with your networks and our Wabash friends and family.

Class Year & Parent Challenges

Code Gifts Challenges
ATH-Athletics 43

Be sure to support the athletics challenges from 3-7 p.m. and unlock $40,000 when we reach 400 gifts during that period. When we receive a total of 1,000 gifts to all athletics affinity challenges today, Roselie and Tom Bambrey ’68, and Marilyn and Joe Haklin ’73, and Julia and Matt Tanney ’05 will give an additional $400.

ATH-Baseball 73

Mike Axel '89, Justin Vander Iest ’06, and Joe Johnson ’11 are stepping up to the plate. As #AllforOneWabash, they'll match every gift to this challenge up to $6,500.

ATH-Basketball 145

Head Coach Kyle Brumett, Ryan Stephens ’07, Chase Haltom ’10, Derek Bailey ’12, Brian Shelbourne ’12, Colten Craigin '13, Matt Kaczkowski ’13, A.J. Sutherlin ’13, Kasey Oetting ’15, Marcus Kammrath '16, and Daniel Purvlicis '16 will donate $5,000 when alumni, parents, students, and all supporters of Wabash Basketball make 100 gifts to this challenge on 4.08.

ATH-Football 215

Celebrating a return to football and the 2021 season in the brand new Little Giant Stadium this fall, Head Coach Don Morel, Offensive Line Coach Olmy Olmstead ’04, Stu Johnson ’04, Brad Boas ’06, Brandon Roop ’06, Josh Schoeff ’06, Hodges Brothers ’13 & ’15, and Levi Chitty ‘17 will give $5,400 when 175 gifts are made to this challenge.

ATH-Golf 60

Coach Tyler Schmutz, Chris Miltenberger ’03, Charlie Shrode ’03, Kevin Casey ’05, and Nick Sommer ’15 will give $10 for each gift made to this challenge up to $1,550.

ATH-Lacrosse 29

Coach Tim O’Shea, Susan and Grant Russel P’20, and Bruce McGar ’72 are challenging Wabash College Lacrosse players, former players, parents of current and former players, and fans to support the Lacrosse team through a Day of Giving gift. They will match gifts up to a total of $5,200 when you make a gift using the “ATH-Lacrosse� code.

ATH-RedPackTrack&Field; 120

Men Of Wabash, Nothing Breaks Us! Coach Clyde Morgan, Coach Rob Johnson H’77, Emmanuel Aouad ’10, Alex Moseman ’11, Doug Baker ’15, and Derek De St. Jean ’15 will give $1,832 when 100 gifts are made today.

ATH-Soccer 55

Celebrating a return to the pitch at Fischer Field on Sunday, Coach Chris Keller, Bruce McGar ’72, Dan Cueller ’83, Scott Schroeder ’99, and Gary Simkus ’08 pledge $10 for every gift made to the Soccer challenge up to $1,200.

ATH-SwimDive 73

Honoring the "Why Not?" attitude of our Little Giant Tankers, Steve Whitaker ’86, Dr. Steve Birrer ’04, Leo Priemer ’06, Clayton Highum ’16, and Anthony Repay ’17 will match every dollar given to this challenge up to $2,100.

ATH-Tennis 34

Bill Fell ’75 and Byron Lamm ’79 are game to support Wabash Tennis and are all set to match dollars given to this challenge up to $1,500.

ATH-Volleyball 30

Coach Ryan Bowerman ’11, Brian Bowerman '81, P'11, Bruce McGar ’72, Kyle Foyer ’83, and Billy Powers ’12 celebrate the inaugural season of Little Giant Volleyball. They’re #AllForOneWabash, matching all gifts to this challenge up to $1,250.

ATH-Wrestling 132

Dr. Dan Emerson '98, Dr. Anthony Inzerello '93, Dr. Chris Healy '05, Drew McCoy '05, Dr. Garrett Thiel '08, and David Miller look forward to the fall when Wabash wrestlers finally return to the mats and make another run at Nationals, and they commend the team for their patience and fortitude. This group is All for One Wabash today challenging others by giving $20 for every gift made to ATH-Wrestling.

Bachelor 61

Wabash’s #7-ranked student newspaper, The Bachelor, has been #AllForOneWabash since 1908. To celebrate, Adam Alexander ’16, Chris Rowland ’94, Scott Dreher '82, and Leigh and Rob Rudicel ’92 will add $15 to each gift made to this challenge by Bachelor editors, reporters, photographers, columnists, contributors, or readers. For anyone giving $250 or more to this challenge, John Kerezy ’77 will send a copy of the front page of the 1925 homecoming edition of The Bachelor. Anyone giving $1,500 will receive the original copy.

Beta 198

Endure has been the motto for Beta's at Wabash since 1846. As the Tau Chapter celebrates 175 years at Wabash this fall, Jim Engledow ’78, Eric Schoettle ’93, Adam Collins ’02, Derick Busenbark ’03, Jaymes Teeters ’03, Ross Dillard ’07, Kaye and Matt Olivarez ’08, Colten Craigin ’13, and Stephen Fenton ’15 are challenging fellow brothers, sweethearts, and family members to give and be #AllforOneWabash today. When this challenge reaches 175 gifts, these brothers will give more than $10,000 in challenge dollars.

CampusHeroes 116

First Lady Wendy Feller; CFO and Treasurer Kendra Cooks; Dean for College Advancement Michelle Janssen; Director of the Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program Rev. Libby Manning, and Senior Associate Dean Jill Lamberton salute our CARE Team and student leaders. As #AllforOneWabash, they helped ensure a safe and secure residential living and learning environment this academic year. To honor these campus heroes, these challengers will match each gift with $100 today.

CareerServices 65

In recognition of the remarkable work Professional Development provides our students resulting in a #1 ranking for Internships, a #5 ranking for Career Services, and 97.6% first destinations for the Class of 2020, Brian Mantel '93, John Castro '97, Pat Jones '15, Max Nguyen '15, Jayvis Gonsalves '18, and Nick Weaver '20 will give $2,000 when this challenge receives 50 gifts.

Chicago 37

Chad Cleaver '00, Jeff Sostak ’06, and Nick Schenkel ’15 will match the first $3,375 worth of gifts made by Chicago-area alumni, family, and friends to this challenge on 4.08.

Classof2025 12

Every year, Wabash looks to enroll 250 (or more) new students. To recognize the good work by members of the Enrollment Team and the faculty, coaches, staff, current students and parents who helped recruit this class, Dean for Enrollment Chip Timmons '96 will make a $2 gift for every gift made by member of the Class of 2025 (and any of his family members) to this challenge up to 250 gifts. Use the code "Classof2025".

DeanMoore 70

The Dean Moore Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 by the Class of 1969 to assist students of need. Today, the Class has set up a pledge pool of $16,500 to match any gift amount to this challenge of up to $400 and $400 for any gift more than that amount. Norman Moore served as the Wabash Dean of Students from 1955 to 1984 and influenced the lives of many Wabash men.

Delt 160

Members of the Delt advising team will collectively donate $5 for every Delt who uses the "Delt" affinity code during this year's Day of Giving. Nick Prihoda '99, Aus Brooks '61, Tony Quandt '04, Jake Bradley '01, Mark Elrod '99, Matt Dickerson '00, and Jeremy Vanscoy ’03.

Delt91 13

To celebrate 30 years since graduation, John Cheek '91 will make a gift of $30 for each gift made by a Class of 1991 Delta Tau Delta alumnus.

EvansvilleJasper 38

As #AllforOneWabash, Todd Glass ’84, Wayne Hentrup ’84, Todd Shellenbarger ’87, Conor O'Daniel ’93, Kyle Rapp ’95, Joe Hisch ’02, and Brandon Roop ’06 challenge Evansville and Jasper-area alumni to make 35 gifts to this challenge, at which point they’ll give $2,500 for #AllforOneWabash.

FacultyStaff 75

In honor of the faculty and staff that make the Wabash educational experience one of the best in the world, Todd McDorman, Susan Albrecht, Shamira Gelbman, Joe Klen '97, and Aaron Selby ’06 are issuing a challenge to be #AllforOneWabash today. Each gift using the code today will be matched by $8 in honor of the 8th Day of Giving for the first 100 gifts. Make a gift today to show your support for those who have gone above and beyond the call this past year and leave their name and a note in the comment section so we can send them a letter on your behalf.

FIJI 367

A group of Phi Gam alums have pledged $3,500 when Fiji brothers, partners, families, and friends make 350 gifts to this challenge. "College, Fraternity, Self" reminds us that we're #AllforOneWabash.

GHI 71

Now more than ever, the Global Health Initiative (GHI) provides important opportunities for Wabash students to engage in experiential learning through local, regional, and international public health partnerships. As #AllforOneWabash today, GHI Advisory Committee members will match up to $11,550 when gifts include the GHI code.

GleeClub 86

Glee Club members, family, and friends, join in the chorus with 75 gifts on 4.08. Richard Bowen and Tom Welch ‘94 will provide accompaniment to the tune of $750.

GolfHouse 12

The Wabash College Golf House has been a tradition unlike any other for more than a decade. On this opening day of the Masters, Derek Andre ‘16 and Wes Brown ‘16 challenge all former residents of 214 West Jefferson Street to be #AllForOneWabash. They’ll donate $214 after 20 gifts are made using the code GolfHouse, another $214 after 40 gifts, and another $214 after 50 gifts.


The Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (IAWM) always works as #AllforOneWabash. When Indy-area alumni, family, and friends make gifts today using the IAWM code, the IAWM Board will match each gift with $20 to support Wabash students.

Independents 144

C’mon, Independents, let’s get to 350 gifts! Jim Kilbane '84, Anthony Hart ’87, Joe Pieters ’89, Matt Vessely ’91, Taimur Baig ’94, Kip Chase ’03, Nick Schenkel ’15, and Alex Rotaru ’22 are #AllforOneWabash giving $30 for each gift to the Independents challenge up to $11,015. Let’s Go, Wabash!

KappaSigma 106

When 175 Kappa Sig Brothers, families, and friends are #AllforOneWabash by selecting this challenge, Ivan Green ’69, Bill Fell ’75, Lee Hargitt ’88, Wes Zirkle ’98, and Hongli Yang '15 will donate $4,500.

LCALeads 296

Lambda Chi Alpha at Wabash College alumni and parent leaders challenge all Alpha Kappa Zeta brothers, family, and friends to go #AllforOneWabash on 4.08. The first 100 gifts that use the “LCALEADS� challenge code will unlock $1,400. The next 100 gifts will unlock another $5,000. Thanks to Joe Emmick '92, Tony Unfried ’03, David Miller P’05, Kyle Coffey ’06, and Sky King ’15 for their leadership.

MentalHealth 64

This last year has been difficult for many. We can be #AllforOneWabash to increase support for Mental Health Awareness in the Wabash Community. Associate Director of Regional Admissions Tyler Wade ’12 is calling all alumni, students, family, and friends to make a gift today to show your support for raising the awareness of mental health at Wabash. When 48 gifts are made on 4.08, Tyler will give $408 to support Wabash Students.

MXIBS135 184

While the nation faced unprecedented times in 2020, MXIBS members and staff continued to raise their voice and awareness through peaceful protests, multiple Chapel Talks, campus interview panels, multiple articles in The Bachelor, collaborations across campus, and enhanced relationships in the community while keeping their focus on academic excellence. In recognition of those outcomes, when we reach 135 gifts, Bob Wedgeworth ’59, Keith Nelson ’71, Dock McDowell ’72, Willyerd Collier '75, Joe Mims '76, Bob Knowling '77, Kevin Chavous ’78, Daryl Johnson ’82, Eugene Anderson '83, Eric Young '83, Houston Mills ’85, Cleo Washington ’85, Steven Jones '87, Kenyatta Brame ’92, and David Woessner ’01 will give $31,000 to Wabash in support of the Horace Turner Fund to continue this tremendous work and produce meaningful student outcomes.

PhiBetaKappa 77

To help support students elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK members of the Wabash staff and faculty are raising funds to cover the costs of the students' membership fees. For every gift made to support Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK staff and faculty will match $10 up to $250.

PhiDelt 342

Wabash Phis have always valued our lasting brotherhood with our motto "All for one and one for all!" The family of Tom Dyer '78 will donate $500 for 65 unique donors to this challenge in honor of his football jersey number. If we reach 260 unique donors, they will donate another $1,500 in memory of this Phi Delt, Stagg Bowl team captain, football player, and beloved brother and uncle to six Wabash men. In quelo quies est.

PhiDelt92 10

Mark Sutton ’92 will match gifts dollar-for-dollar from 1992 Phil Delt alumni up to $1,000.

PhiPsi 142

Live Ever, Die Never! When Phi Kappa Psi Brothers, family, and friends go #AllforOneWabash with 125 gifts or more using the PhiPsi affinity code, Mike Simmons ’88, Jon Smith ’88, Dave Reed ’89, Tony Caldwell ’07, Chris Wojciechowski ’09, Alex Amerling ’14, and Logan Kleiman ’18 will donate $2,250!

Psychology 68

The Psychology faculty are #AllforOneWabash pledging to the Special Psychology Fund toward renovation of Dr. Karen Gunther’s lab and support of summer student research. They'll give $10 for each of the first 100 gifts using the Psychology code.

Religion 48

Terry Archambeault wants to challenge members of the Wabash Community to make gifts in honor of Profs. William Placher and Stephen Webb: Little Giants who profoundly impacted many students during their lives! He will give $250 when 75 gifts are made using the #Religion code on the Day of Giving.

Reunion1981 16

In honor of the Class of 1981's 40th reunion celebration, Trustee Chris '81 and Trish Braun will match the first $100 contributed by each member of the Class.

shOUT 95

In honor of the 30th anniversary of 'shOUT's founding, Rob Shook '83, Ron Dostal '92, Marc Nichols '92, and Jeremy Wentzel '14 will give $1,000 when this challenge reaches 30 gifts. When members of the community and our allies make 60 gifts, they'll contribute an additional $1,500. Bonus Challenge: We've hit 60 gifts, so Rob, Ron, Marc, and Jeremy will contribute another $2,000 when this challenge reaches 90 gifts!

SigmaChi 204

Herm Haffner '77 and Joel Tragesser ’94 challenge all Sigma Chi Alumni, Family and Friends, to make a gift today. They will donate $10 per gift for the first 125 gifts made using the SigmaChi challenge code.

SphinxClub 105

Wabash Always Fights! To celebrate a century on campus, Mike Kelley ’70, Ross Dillard ’07, and Kyle Hayes ’09 are putting $10,000 on the line and will give $100 for each of the first 100 gifts to this challenge.

STL 27

The Walsh, Wunderlich, and Farris families are #AllforOneWabash and will give a total of $1,500 if 25 people use the St. Louis affinity code "STL" today.

StudentResponseFund 910

Gifts to the All for One Student Response Fund provide resources for our students who are struggling with financial aid, employment, housing, meals, transportation and other critical needs. This is a very real need and we know the Wabash Nation will rally around our young men.

TDX 131

Members of Theta Delta Chi will give $1,750 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts, another $3,500 when we receive 75 gifts, and an additional $5,000 for 100 gifts. David Zimmerman ’93, Jim Hawksworth ’95, Brad Catlin '96, Ward Poulos '96, Jeff Nicoson '97, Chris Huffer ’00, Ryan Clougherty ’02, Kyle Maloney ’04, Todd Vogel ’04, Jefferson Crew '05, Kyle O’Keefe ’08, Jim Leuck ’09, Jacob Surface ’11, and Corey Egler '15 are proud of our TDX Charge and are #AllforOneWabash.

Theater 45

Your local #11 Best College Theater (Princeton Review 2021) asks its supporters, patrons, and collaborators to become a "Friend of Wabash Theater"! Every person who donates--regardless of the amount--using the #WabashTheater code will have their name listed in our programs for the 2021-22 season. If you wish to donate anonymously, just leave a note in the comments section. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Ball in the Fall!

TKE 159

Jon Pactor '71, Joe Samreta ’95, and Aaron Cook '06 will give $500 when Tekes, family, and friends as #AllforOneWabash make 75 gifts to this challenge. They will increase their gift to $1,000 when this challenge reaches 100 gifts.

WDPD 111

To support the transformational leadership of students involved in Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse, Scott Dreher ’82 and Aimee Cox, Seton Goddard ’15, and Adam Burtner ’17 are #AllforOneWabash and will donate $2,250 when this challenge reaches 100 gifts.

WomenFaculty 34

Melissa Butler H'85, Kay Widdows H'07, and Laura Wysocki will give $10 for every woman faculty member, current or retired, who contributes today.

Looking for Class Challenges & Leaderboards?

By visiting our Inside the Numbers page, you can see Class Challenges and Parents Challengers, Leaderboards for Top Ten Classes in gifts, and which Living Units are leading on the day. Inspire your classmates, family, fraternity brothers and more to be #AllforOneWabash today and have a giant impact on our students. Wabash wouldn't be Wabash without some friendly competition!

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Recent 4.08 Gifts

We thank the alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have given today to support Wabash College. Please click here to view the complete 4.08 Honor Roll.

Below are the most recent gifts made today.

Maury Raycroft 2003
Chris Bojrab 1989
Hugh Vandivier 1991
Brandon Roop 2006
Wesley Zirkle 1998
Douglas Oesterheld 1969
Dicken Cherry 1949
John Maxstadt 1980
John Sowers 1999
Terry Anker
Ralph Nichols
Ryan Bowerman 2011
Jeffrey Harkness 1978
Christopher H Johnson 1959
Brian Flanigan 1996
Rick Fobes 1972
Rhys Helt 1989
Peter komsiski 1976
Alex Moseman 2011

Learn More About the 4.08 Day of Giving

Visit our About 4.08 page to learn more about Wabash's eighth day of giving. You can download official Day of Giving images to share with others on social media. There are also some answers to frequently asked questions including ways to make your 4.08 gift, how to maximize the impact of your gift, and more about the All for One - Student Response Fund.

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