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Losing Ground
by Kyle Nickel '03





No institution is more dependent on generativity than a college. From professors in the classroom and community to alumni funding buildings and learning opportunities, all believe there’s something worth passing along, that the future is something we create today.

A Man’s Life: The Footlocker
The casualties of unfinished wars cannot be silenced or stowed away.

by Joel Turnipseed


Plastic surgeon Dick Gooding '52 has doctored back to health 3,500 acres in New Mexico's high country, a ranch that has nurtured and shaped his family. Now he's trying to make it last.
by Steve Charles

"Nowhere to Go But All Over the Place"

15 Wabash students fanned out all over the world--including your neighborhood Big Lots--for an experience that "branded memories on the brain."
by Susan Cantrell

Works in Progress: A Legacy of Service
In a partnership with the New Market Fire Department, seniors Walter Keeley and Jason Scheiderer created the Wabash Reserve Firefighters.

by Steve Charles


Wabash Moments

Farcasting the Liberal Arts
When was the last time you could walk into any Borders, Barnes & Nobles, or independent bookseller and read that inscription? Check out Ilium by Dan Simmons ’70.

A Legacy of Discovery
Here’s a proud legacy to pass along: in 1999, David Cushman ’61 was honored with the Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Science for his discovery of captopril, the drug now used by millions to treat hypertension and congestive heart failure.

Literary Little Giant
Kyle Nickel’s photo essay "Unlikely Haven" (Wabash Magazine Fall/Winter 2002) won an award in a national competition to honor the best articles of the year in college and university magazines.

Faculty Notes
Featuring Dave Krohne, Cheryl Hughes, Johanna Herring, George Davis, and Todd McDorman

Fields of Dreams
Dave Krohne and the members of Northern Indiana Citizens Helping Ecosystems Survive (NICHES) hope to purchase 400 to 1,000 acres in Benton County and restore the land to the Grand Prairie it once was.

Hughes' Editorship of Social Philosopy Today Benefits Students
Philosophy professor Cheryl Hughes’ editorship of Social Philosophy Today is an affirmation of her scholarship from colleagues in the field and a plus for the Wabash philosophy department’s reputation, but Hughes has also turned the job into a learning opportunity for Wabash students.

Advocate for a College's History
Few people have been so diligent and effective as Johanna Herring in preserving the history of the lives of Wabash men, its faculty, and the College community.

An "Unorthodox Expert," Davis Led Students in Rigorous Research
George and Ann Davis came to Wabash College in the fall of 1966, and for the next 37 years George taught a vast variety of American and English History.

Rose’s Rhetorical Resurgence May Alter Fallen Celebs’ Approach to Reputation Rehab
In his article "The Rhetorical Resurgence of Pete Rose: A Second Change Apologia," to be published in Case Studies in Sport Communication, Wabash speech professor Todd McDorman analyzes Rose’s rhetorical strategy as Charlie Hustle has climbed back from his fall from grace.



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