Winter/Spring 2001

Wabash in the White House

Seems there's always a Wabash man advising the President of the United States, and the George W. Bush Administration continues that tradition.

Former Indianapolis Mayor (and former Senior Council member and editor of
The Bachelor
) Steve Goldsmith '68 was named to the board of the Corporation for National Service, but he'll also be a top advisor to the president for his newly created Office of Faith-based and Community Inititiatives.

Goldsmith served as chief domestic policy advisor to Bush during the presidential campaign, explaining the workings of BushÕs "compassionate conservatism" to the media and public. In December, you might have heard Goldsmith talking with Morning Edition Host Bob Edwards about the causes and some solutions to community alienation, a subject Goldsmith and others had addressed during Harvard's Saguaro Seminar.

As mayor, Goldsmith created the Front Porch Alliance, a successful collaboration between the city and religious groups that many credit for major improvements in city neighborhoods. Wabash will continue its connection to that program as well: Eugene Anderson Õ83 was recently named by current Indianapolis Mayor Bart Petersen to carry on that work in the city.

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