Summer/Fall 2001

From the Editor

From the President
"What's Happening with the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at Wabash?"

A Man's Life
When Men are Free to be Good

by Richard Hawley
"The most passionate working men, the most devoted fathers and husbands, the men most willing to serve without material reward, have been those who, as schoolboys, were most inclined to press safe boundaries."


Turning Point:
Making Ice Cubes from Glacier
by Richard Radtke ’74
At 26, Richard Radtke was off to adventure on prestigious post-doctoral research. Two years later he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Faculty Notes
Paul McKinney ’52 retires:
"May the Fire Be With You Always"

Wabash Moments
Beauty, However Fleeting…
Buddhist monk creates mandala at Wabash

End Notes
Developing a Sociological Imagination

by Andrew Schlewitz


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Breaking Down Barriers

Rompienda Barreras Juntos
The College’s Hispanic student organization leaps into action, breaking down barriers between Crawfordsville and the town's fast-growing Latino population.

An Octopus in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bucket
Two Wabash biology classes conduct research in Jamaica and get a bite of reality.

They Deserved My Respect
Former refugee, aid worker, and the College's intern at the United Nations, Ashraf Haidari is on a mission to break down the stereotypes associated with the world's displaced persons.

A Black Yankee in Germany
Senior Powers Tilden makes his first trip to Europe: "… and I loved it grand!

Making a Spectacle of Ourselves

The rookie year for the College's first-ever African music ensemble brings a joyful noise and an exciting new professor to Wabash.

Confessions of a Hacker Groupie
Professor Mike Abbott draws on his admiration for computer coders and his skills for writing and directing to stage an though-provoking and entertaining original play—and wins the College's top teaching award.

Speaking of Sports: An American Werewolf in London
Alumnus Jim Kuhn adventures as owner of a minor league baseball team in Canada.








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