You must protect and nurture your vision passionately to succeed.


Fall/Winter 1999

Marc Lorber '88
television writer and producer, co-producer of CBS-TV's Shake, Rattle, and Roll

What event of the 20th century had the greatest impact on your profession or field of study?

The invention of television and its ability to reach vast audiences and cross many spectrums. TV was a revolution, but it didn't kill off radio, theater, books, nor film going—neither will the internet. They all serve as adjunct educational/entertainment vehicles.

Personally, what is the most meaningful life lesson you have taken from your vocation or avocation?

How powerful a creative medium can be not just in the lives of your audience, but in the creator's life—and how you must protect and nurture your vision passionately to succeed.

What person(s) or mentor(s) have had the most significant impact on your life? Can you describe how that person affected your life?

My father for entrepreneurial survival instincts; David Lynch for creating surreality amidst convention; Chris Kazan for teaching me how to show and not tell a story cinematically in a screenplay.

In your experience, what is the greatest misconception the public has about your vocation (or field of study) or the people in that vocation?

There's a few: That money just flows, the work is always glamorous, that we all dress in black, and noone in “entertainment” has a moral conscience.

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